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December 2009

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  1. Hitler's Forgotten Library [The Atlantic Monthly]
  2. First Impressions and Rethinking Restroom Questions [RUSQ]
  3. Jonathan Littell wins the bad sex in fiction prize [BBC News]
  4. Children who use technology are 'better writers' [BBC News]
  5. Saving Africa's precious written heritage [BBC News]
  6. Wikipedia 'loses' 49,000 editors [BBC News]
  7. Google to limit free news access [BBC News]
  8. All That's Old is New Again [The Mark]
  9. Beyond 1923: Characteristics of Potentially In-copyright Print Books in Library Collections [D-Lib Magazine]
  10. Book It [On The Media]
  11. A Monk Saves Threatened Manuscripts Using Ultramodern Means [The Chronicle of Higher Education]
  12. Not Yet the Season for a Nook [The New York Times]
  13. Rebooted Computer Labs Offer Savings for Campuses and Ambiance for Students [The Chronicle of Higher Education]
  14. End of Kirkus Reviews Brings Anguish and Relief [The New York Times]
  15. Nicolas Sarkozy fights Google over classic books [Telegraph]
  16. Legal Battles Over E-Book Rights to Older Books [The New York Times]
  17. Book 99 Years Overdue Returned To Mass. Library [NPR]
  18. Marquette Students Turn Library Into Rave [WTMJ]
  19. In Afghanistan, our boys are reading from the front [Times]
  20. Library Groups Ask Justice Department To Supervise Institutional Pricing for Google Book Database [Library Journal]
  21. Ten Stories That Shaped 2009 [LISNews]
  22. The e-book, the e-reader, and the future of reading [The Christian Science Monitor]
  23. NKC school board votes to keep challenged book in elementary libraries []
  24. Library ban for 'pungent body odour' man [BBC News]
  25. Amazon's Kindle has copyright protection hacked [BBC News]
  26. Man charged for hitting, kicking librarian [KTRK]
  27. E-Book Piracy: The Publishing Industry's Next Epic Saga? [PC World]
  28. Creationists try to sneak Intelligent Design into school libraries []
  29. The Customer Is Always Right [Newsweek]
  30. As books go beyond printed page to multisensory experience, what about reading? [The Washington Post]
  31. Chinese author plans lawsuit over Google Books [CNET News]

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