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October 2009

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  1. Cash-Strapped College Students Rent Textbooks [Morning Edition]
  2. JK Rowling denied top US honour [BBC News]
  3. Relic in Internet world? Bookmobiles still bringing libraries to eager rural NM residents [Star Tribune]
  4. Carter celebrates 85th birthday, museum re-opening [The Atlanta Journal-Constitution]
  5. Music piracy costs money; does fighting it cost more? [Ars Technica]
  6. Will Books Be Napsterized? [The New York Times]
  7. The Dewey Dilemma [Library Journal]
  8. Library Access to Scholarship [Cites & Insights]
  9. Ugly battle has librarians in Oak Brook turning to Teamsters [Daily Herald]
  10. Google’s Abandoned Library of 700 Million Titles [Wired]
  11. Bars on books jar Harvard students [The Boston Globe]
  12. A Library to Last Forever [The New York Times]
  13. Kindle Killers? The Boom in New E-Readers [Time]
  14. Booksellers hit back at plans for libraries to sell books [Guardian]
  15. Anti-war activist's works banned at prison camps [Miami Herald]
  16. Libraries and Readers Wade Into Digital Lending [The New York Times]
  17. Report: Majority Of Newspapers Now Purchased By Kidnappers To Prove Date [The Onion]
  18. Google Unveils New e-Book Service [FOX News]
  19. Open Access to Research Is Inevitable, Libraries Are Told [The Chronicle of Higher Education]
  20. Queens Library Sues SirsiDynix, Charges Bait-and-Switch on ILS [Library Journal]
  21. Price War Over Books Worries Industry [The New York Times]
  22. Sniff test to preserve old books [BBC News]
  23. North Carolina church plans Halloween Bible burning [Telegraph]
  24. Gay Reversal Advocates Say School Libraries Banning Their 'Ex-Gay' Books [FOX News]
  25. In diverse times, libraries seek to broaden appeal [Seattle Post-Intelligencer]
  26. The Virtue Of Hitting 'Delete,' Permanently [Talk of the Nation]
  27. Librarians Won't Give Child 'Porn' Book [ABC News]
  28. School chooses Kindle; are libraries for the history 'books'? [USA Today]
  29. School Librarians Weigh in on Net Neutrality [School Library Journal]
  30. The accelerating decline of newspapers [The Washington Post]
  31. Apps of the week: Getting the best read on your smartphone [CNN]

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