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September 2009

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  1. 'Reading Rainbow' Reaches Its Final Chapter [Morning Edition]
  2. Google's plan for world's biggest online library: philanthropy or act of piracy? [Guardian]
  3. Information Literacy Training for All The Outliers [Searcher]
  4. What Are You Doing for Library Card Sign-up Month? [School Library Journal]
  5. The future of libraries, with or without books [CNN]
  6. Welcome to the library. Say goodbye to the books. [The Boston Globe]
  7. The lost art of reading [Los Angeles Times]
  8. Keeping Google out of libraries [BBC News]
  9. 4 Ways to Get College Textbooks Free [US News and World Report]
  10. 11th-Hour Filings Oppose Google’s Book Settlement [The New York Times]
  11. Steal this story? Beware Net’s plagiarism ‘cops’ [MSNBC]
  12. The relationship between public libraries and Google: Too much information [First Monday]
  13. New E-Textbooks Do More Than Inform: They'll Even Grade You [The Chronicle of Higher Education]
  14. Got a Burning Question? Ask the Net [The New York Times]
  15. Libraries post notice warning of Oct. 2 closing [The Philadelphia Inquirer]
  16. Jessica Seinfeld wins plagiarism case against her [CNN]
  17. Google acquires ReCaptcha as book-scanning aid [CNET]
  18. Is It a Library? A Student Center? The Athenaeum Opens at Goucher College [The Chronicle of Higher Education]
  19. Feeling The Pinch, D.C. Libraries Cutting Back [The Washington Post]
  20. Google lets you custom-print millions of books [CNN]
  21. Philadelphia libraries in danger of closing are now safe. [Seattle Books Examiner]
  22. Want to read all about it online? It may cost you [Kansas City Star]
  23. Google Settlement Hearing Postponed After DoJ Push for More Negotiations [Library Journal]
  24. The menace of the public option [San Francisco Chronicle]
  25. Open Letter on Open Access [Inside Higher Ed]
  26. Is Wikipedia a Victim of Its Own Success? [Time]
  27. Best Buy and Verizon Jump Into E-Reader Fray [The New York Times]
  28. Post-Medium Publishing [Paul Graham]
  29. After Losing Users in Catalogs, Libraries Find Better Search Software [The Chronicle of Higher Education]
  30. Finding Censorship Where There Is None [The Wall Street Journal]

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