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September 2007

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  1. Even penguin tales can create a flap [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]
  2. Creating the 21st Century Library [In These Times]
  3. Who's Selecting Now? [Library Journal]
  4. Spanish library in turmoil over stolen maps [The Independent]
  5. 15 years after birth, book's not closed on texting [USA Today]
  6. Pig balls and stuck skunks: A 311 customer service rep has a window onto San Francisco's secret heart. [The San Francisco Chronicle]
  7. Envisioning the Next Chapter for Electronic Books [The New York Times]
  8. Judge Rules Against Patriot Act Provision [Top Tech News]
  9. US backing for two-tier internet [BBC News]
  10. Reading Books in the Digital Age subsequent to Amazon, Google and the long tail [First Monday]
  11. Hidden method of reading revealed [BBC News]
  12. Project of Publishers' Association Is Criticized by Some of Its Members and Open-Access Advocates [The Chronicle of Higher Education]
  13. The Fred factor [Ottawa Citizen]
  14. Internet A Double Challenge For Libraries [CBS News]
  15. 'Super-scope' to see hidden texts [BBC News]
  16. Tags Help Make Libraries [Library Journal]
  17. Librarians angry over unfashionable stereotype [TV3]
  18. Students’ ‘Evolving’ Use of Technology [Inside Higher Ed]
  19. Critic of sex education book refuses to return library copies [The Boston Globe]
  20. Libraries attract record crowds [The Denver Post]
  21. Colleges targeting book crooks [USA Today]
  22. The Catalog’s Last Stand [OCLC Systems & Services]
  23. Critics Right and Left Protest Book Removals [The New York Times]
  24. Library Policy Hurts Privacy, Patron Says [The Washington Post]
  25. Demise of TimesSelect Deals Blow to Pay-for-News and Alters Access to Archives [Information Today]
  26. Indonesians tune in to digital Koran [CNET]
  27. Dump the Org. Chart: Get `Er Done!: Management for a 2.0 Library [SirsiDynix Institute]
  28. How judging a book by its ‘girlie’ cover is putting boys off reading [The Times]
  29. British Library books go digital [BBC News]
  30. Where's My Free Wi-Fi? [Slate]

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