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August 2007

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  1. Oprah vs. James Frey: The Sequel [Time]
  2. Good circulation . . . [The Boston Globe]
  3. Libel Suit Leads to Destruction of Books [The New York Sun]
  4. The Tech Lab: Lesley Gavin [BBC News]
  5. Report Criticizes Police in UCLA Library Taser Incident [Library Journal]
  6. Copyright alerts unnecessary roughness? [Los Angeles Times]
  7. Venezuela's four-legged mobile libraries [BBC News]
  8. Timbuktu Hopes Ancient Texts Spark a Revival [The New York Times]
  9. In The Library [Christopher Brosius Limited]
  10. An Entire Bookshelf, now in your hands [International Herald Tribune]
  11. Textbooks Take Bite From Student Budget [The Washington Post]
  12. Is It Time To Republish Mein Kampf in Germany? [Publishers Weekly]
  13. Open Library [Inside Higher Ed]
  14. Training for the poor moves into computer age [Chicago Tribune]
  15. Infomania: Why we canít afford to ignore it any longer [First Monday]
  16. Hamlet.doc? Literature in a Digital Age [The Chronicle of Higher Education]
  17. A Minor History of / Miniature Writing [Cabinet]
  18. Will The Response Of The Library Profession To The Internet Be Self-Immolation? [Special Libraries Cataloguing]
  19. Andrew Keen [The Colbert Report]
  20. CIA, FBI Computers Used for Wikipedia Edits [The Washington Post]
  21. A quest to get more court rulings online, and free [CNET]
  22. Beloit College Mindset List for class of 2011 [MSNBC]
  23. One in Four Read No Books Last Year [ABC News]
  24. O.J. Simpson Book Won't Be Stocked by Barnes & Noble [FOX News]
  25. 2 New York prisoners sue to get their banned religious books back [International Herald Tribune]
  26. Ask for What You Want [Library Journal]
  27. A nation of outlaws [The Boston Globe]
  28. Changes at Google Scholar: A Conversation With Anurag Acharya [Information Today]
  29. £3m book targets Russian tycoons [BBC News]
  30. Making Digital Books Into Page Turners [BusinessWeek]
  31. Google, Microsoft-backed group ready to Defend Fair Use [Ars Technica]

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