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October 2007

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  1. Book banning efforts bring on title fights [Chicago Tribune]
  2. University Libraries to play major role in consortiumís mass digitization project [UConn Advance]
  3. Has Sense Flown the Coop? [The Harvard Crimson]
  4. Throwing the Book at O.J. Simpson [The Washington Post]
  5. Bookmobiles' final chapter? [The Boston Globe]
  6. Wikipedia's Awkward Adolescence [CIO]
  7. New £29m Bodleian Library halted [BBC News]
  8. Library drones would put shelvers in a bind [The Sydney Morning Herald]
  9. Amid budget woes, a new chapter begins for 15 Ore. libraries [The Boston Globe]
  10. Boy in court on terror charges [BBC News]
  11. Will publishers take a punt on pixels with the e-book? [Telegraph]
  12. Terror suspect says FBI spied on his library computer use [The Telegraph]
  13. Strike Actions Continue in Vancouver and Victoria Library Systems [Library Journal]
  14. End of Paying for Information on the Net? [Knowledge]
  15. Online textbooks: the future of learning? [The San Diego Union-Tribune]
  16. Critics Balk at Withdrawal of Journal From Archive [The Chronicle of Higher Education]
  17. US reporters sue over Wikipedia edits [The Age]
  18. The Future of Electronic Paper [The Future of Things]
  19. Group of Net, Media Companies Agree on Copyright Guidelines [The Wall Street Journal]
  20. Surprise! Internet actually a boon for books [Reuters]
  21. Banned Books Week honors freedom, diversity of ideas [The Salt Lake Tribune]
  22. Traffic has a fan in 'books on tape' publisher [The Atlanta Journal-Constitution]
  23. Libraries Shun Deals to Place Books on Web [The New York Times]
  24. Libraries move with times, discover niches [The Boston Globe]
  25. Christian group pushing to filter porn from San Jose libraries [The Mercury News]
  26. Massachusetts Pastor Orders Harry Potter Books Removed From Catholic School [FOX News]
  27. Teacher Faces Possible Criminal Charges for Reading List [ABC News]
  28. A Prison Hosts Germany's Library of the Year [Deutsche Welle]
  29. Reading Jane Austen on a BlackBerry -- Reader, I Liked It [Chicago Tribune]
  30. Future Reading [The New Yorker]
  31. Refuge for readers can be risky [Los Angeles Times]

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