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November 2006

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  1. The personal library - now there's an idea [The Times]
  2. The Book as Place [Searcher]
  3. The Google Divide [Library Journal]
  4. Patriot Act fears prompt universities to patriate computers [CBC News]
  5. Researchers teach computers how to name images by 'thinking' [Penn State Live]
  6. Music Industry Goes After The Kids [CBS News]
  7. Library gets 5,471 items in Food for Fines effort [St. Louis Post-Dispatch]
  8. High court to hear one for library books [Detriot Free Press]
  9. Gear Up Your Research Guides with the Emerging OPML Codes [Computers in Libraries]
  10. Google positioning for move into radio [ABC News]
  11. A Good Read [Technology Review]
  12. DIGITAL MAOISM: The Hazards of the New Online Collectivism [Edge]
  13. 'Inappropriate' Web site viewing raising concern [Sioux City Journal]
  14. Barbarians at the Gates of the Public Library [Ed D'Angelo]
  15. Doctors turn to Google for tricky cases [Guardian Unlimited]
  16. As more graphic novels appear in libraries, so do challenges [International Herald Tribune]
  17. Con: Should teachers use [Silver Chips Online]
  18. Taser Incident in UCLA Library Sparks Outrage, Investigation [Library Journal]
  19. Gay penguins have a place in school libraries? [MSNBC]
  20. Will Web resources be the death of the Library? [Pipe Dream]
  21. ACLU sues rural libraries over Internet filtering policies [Seattle Post-Intelligencer]
  22. The Digital Ice Age [Popular Mechanics]
  23. Public uproar kills O.J. book, TV interview [The Seattle Times]
  24. Francisco Partners Strikes Again: Endeavor Bought, To Be Folded Under Ex Libris! [Library Journal]
  25. As more graphic novels appear in libraries, so do challenges [The Wichita Eagle]
  26. Coffee's on, dusty books are out at UMass library [The Boston Globe]
  27. 2 at DBCC sue on book prices, seek $5 million [Orlando Sentinel]
  28. Toward Academic Library 2.0: Development and Application of a Library 2.0 Methodology [Michael C. Habib]
  29. Eyebrows Are Raised Over Passages in a Best Seller by Ian McEwan [The New York Times]
  30. Using the Wiki Method to Write a Business Book [All Things Considered]

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