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October 2006

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  1. Antique Map Thief Gets 3 1/2-Year Jail Term [Forbes]
  2. The clubbing of books [The Courier-Mail]
  3. Parent criticizes book 'Fahrenheit 451' [The Courier]
  4. Students Rebel Against Database Designed to Thwart Plagiarists [The Washington Post]
  5. Web journals threaten peer-review system [MSNBC]
  6. All-in-One Reporters at Nashville Station [All Things Considered]
  7. Show Your Librarian Some Love [The Chronicle of Higher Education]
  8. Timbuktu's Buried Treasure [The Washington Post]
  9. As books go online, publishers run for cover [International Herald Tribune]
  10. Google-YouTube deal joins Net search and video forces [USA Today]
  11. Textbooks Enter the Digital Era [U.S. News & World Report]
  12. Munn Park Is Site of New Place to Cozy Up to Books [The Ledger]
  13. Why Wiki? [University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Libraries]
  14. 'Mass blog' to capture UK Tuesday [BBC News]
  15. Map thief gets five years of state prison time [The Boston Globe]
  16. Trying Again to Make Books Obsolete [The New York Times]
  17. Starting Pay Breaks $40K-Placements and Salaries 2005 [Library Journal]
  18. Fair Use in the Digital Environment: A Research Guide [Reference & User Services Quarterly]
  19. Suing Over the CIA's Red Pen [The Washington Post]
  20. Open-access bill divides schools, publishers [eSchool News]
  21. Magazine questions Singapore courts' right to hear defamation lawsuits [International Herald Tribune]
  22. On the loose in the library building [Cohasset Mariner]
  23. The nonsense of copyright in libraries : digital information and the right to copy [Paul Staincliffe]
  24. Bias Episodes Rattle a University’s Diverse Student Body [The New York Times]
  25. The World's Fastest Librarian [Bridget Zinn and Barrett Dowell]
  26. Excerpt: 'Working With You Is Killing Me' [ABC News]
  27. Increasingly, libraries are the place to learn English [The Boston Globe]
  28. Special collections [The Guardian]
  29. Candidate wants to arm students with thick books [The Washington Times]
  30. Generation of online libraries is born [PhysOrg]
  31. Library's funding comes from multiple sources [The Ithaca Journal]

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