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December 2006

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  1. Disconnects Between Library Culture and Millennial Generation Values [EDUCAUSE Quarterly]
  2. New library a haven for homeless [Seattle Post-Intelligencer]
  3. Do we want a perfectly filtered world? [Library Student Journal]
  4. Library pulls plug on Internet access [Detriot Free Press]
  5. Nuclear plant info available to public [MSNBC]
  6. Woman sentenced in literary scam [New York Newsday]
  7. Microsoft releasing book search in beta [CNET]
  9. Harry Potter And The Ministry Of Fire [Forbes]
  10. Why people come to work sick [The Frederick News-Post]
  11. In Quiet War On Information, Federal Libraries Go Dark [The Hartford Courant]
  12. Citizen journalism: all the 'news' that won't fit in print [The Globe and Mail]
  13. Go Digital [Egypt Today]
  14. Education board to vote on mother's request for Harry Potter book ban [International Herald Tribune]
  15. Senator: Illegal images must be reported [CNET]
  16. ProQuest Sells Info Unit to Cambridge [The Houston Chronicle]
  17. Internet cheating clicks with students [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]
  18. 'Digital black hole' threatens your documents [ZDNet]
  19. US scientists reject interference [BBC News]
  20. This Time, Judith Regan Did It [The New York Times]
  21. Google library: Open culture? [CNN]
  22. Challenge to evolution dropped in Georgia [MSNBC]
  23. Time's Person of the Year: You [Time]
  24. Librarians stake their future on open source []
  25. Turning off the digital world [BBC News]
  26. Scholarly Archive or Ideological Center? [Inside Higher Ed]
  27. “That’s ‘E’ for ‘Everyone’”: The Future of E-Learning in Public Libraries [Partnership: the Canadian Journal of Library and Information Practice and Research]
  28. Ten Stories that Shaped 2006 [LISNews]
  29. E-problem puts library patrons' info on Internet [The Muskegon Chronicle]
  30. Hefty library fines dog even 5-year-olds [The Journal Gazette]
  31. Ford library expects more visitors [The Houston Chronicle]

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