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September 2006

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  1. Drafted: I Want You to Deliver E-Government [Library Journal]
  2. Libraries in the War on Terrorism [Online]
  3. 'Challenged' books drops to all-time low [USA Today]
  4. Library 2.0 [Library Journal]
  5. Preservation hoarders [The Guardian]
  6. Rethinking Google's system [The San Francisco Chronicle]
  7. Library on guard with old books [The News-Sentinel]
  8. The gloves are off in academia [The Guardian]
  9. The Library Metaphor [The Pulse]
  10. Readers can get a refund for 'A Milions Little Pieces' [Seattle Post-Intelligencer]
  11. On Borrowed Time [National Review]
  12. 'Fluke' leaves library users locked out [Chicago Sun-Times]
  13. Who supports Internet censorship? [First Monday]
  14. Guidelines for the Introduction of Electronic Information Resources to Users [Reference and User Services Association]
  15. National Archives squares the data circle [The Guardian]
  16. Preserving Information, Not Formats [D-Lib Magazine]
  17. Toward a New Compendium of Knowledge [Larry Sanger]
  19. Small-town libraries survive BY 'the will of the people' [Salina Journal]
  20. Seeking readers via 'book trailer' [The San Francisco Chronicle]
  21. I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by Google [New Scientist]
  22. Diary shows pope's opposition to Hitler [Seattle Post-Intelligencer]
  23. Not-so-local lunar library [Short Sharp Science]
  24. GOP rips Tester on library Internet pornography filters [Helena Independent Record]
  25. Positive Signs from Turkey? [Der Spiegel]
  26. For One Publisher, the Life of Every Comic Book Starts on the Web [The New York Times]
  27. For Delta Librarian, The End [KTLA]
  28. A catalogue of errors [The Guardian]
  29. Sony to launch web bookstore, e-book device [Stuff]
  30. Guantanamo Inmates Turn to Library Books [ABC News]

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