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December 2005

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  1. A Risky Gamble With Google [The Chronicle of Higher Education]
  2. Thieves, careless borrowers spell woe for libraries [Rochester Democrat and Chronicle]
  3. Food critic Coren wins British bad sex award [The Guardian]
  4. Librarian puts squirrel over job [Chicago Sun-Times]
  5. The Wild, Wild Web [U.S. News & World Report]
  6. Desktop manufacturing [Salon]
  7. Graphic novels catch eyes and minds of students [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]
  8. Science in the web age: Joint efforts [Nature]
  9. House, Senate Reach Deal on Patriot Act [ABC News]
  10. Perceptions of Libraries and Information Resources [OCLC]
  11. Military's Information War Is Vast and Often Secretive [The New York Times]
  12. Author apologizes for fake Wikipedia biography [USA Today]
  13. A man's vision: World library online [The San Francisco Chronicle]
  14. HarperCollins to digitize 20,000 of its books [MSNBC]
  15. Instant Messaging, Literacies, and Social Identities [Reading Research Quarterly]
  16. The Hive Mind: Folksonomies and User-Based Tagging [InfoTangle]
  17. Parallel Worlds: Online Games and Digital Information Services [D-Lib Magazine]
  18. Assessing Wikipedia's Accuracy [All Things Considered]
  19. Kenya's children of the desert find that knowledge comes on the back of a camel [The Guardian]
  20. Ready access to info means smarts or stress? [The Boston Globe]
  21. Someone call Karl Marx [Maclean's]
  22. 'Little Red Book' story gets wide publicity [The Standard-Times]
  23. Intelligent design not for school, judge says [The Albuquerque Tribune]
  24. Federal agents' visit was a hoax [The Standard-Times]
  25. Writing the Book On Punctuality [The Washington Post]
  26. What next at the library? A ban on flirting? [The Guardian]
  27. Age of information overload [CNN]
  28. Hiding from the Patriot Act [Chicago Tribune]
  29. Losing the Right to Tinker? [Technology Review]
  30. Trustee resigns over library hiring flap [Bonner County Daily Bee]
  31. Ten Stories that Shaped 2005 [LISNews]

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