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January 2006

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  1. From libraries to ‘libratories’ [First Monday]
  2. How does Google collect and rank results? [Google Librarian Center]
  3. Oh, Has Uncle Sam Got Mail [The Wall Street Journal]
  4. Homeless advocates cry foul over Dallas library's new rules [The Houston Chronicle]
  5. Sony's E-Book Is Easy on the Eyes [ABC News]
  6. File This Under Data Overload [Wired Magazine]
  7. Science takes stock after clone row [BBC News]
  8. Some of nation's best libraries have books bound in human skin [The Boston Globe]
  9. Library bars kids with no adult chaperone [The Enquirer]
  10. Library 2.0 and "Library 2.0" [Cites & Insights]
  11. Interactive learning fails reading test [The Sydney Morning Herald]
  12. Magazines Bribe, Too! [Slate]
  13. Turn on, tune in ... disconnect [The Christian Science Monitor]
  14. Changing a Cultural Icon: The Academic Library as a Virtual Destination [EDUCAUSE Review]
  15. Librarians 'suffer most stress' [BBC News]
  16. E-read all about it [The Guardian]
  17. Some students prefer taking classes online [USA Today]
  18. Reading into textbook prices [Iowa City Press-Citizen]
  19. Can Wikipedia Survive Its Own Success? [Knowledge]
  20. Wichitans want more from libraries [The Wichita Eagle]
  21. Digital Rights Management: A Guide for Librarians [American Library Association]
  22. Google Fights Request to Turn Over Search Records [All Things Considered]
  23. Library Group Draws Fire Over Web Site [The Jewish Journal]
  24. Bookstore helps pay for library programs [The San Diego Union-Tribune]
  25. It May Look Authentic; Here's How to Tell It Isn't [The New York Times]
  26. City stalls FBI access in library [The Daily News Tribune]
  27. Google Praised, Chided for Sanitized Site [The Washington Post]
  28. User satisfaction with referrals at a collaborative virtual reference service [Information Research]
  29. Oprah's anger turns a page [The Philadelphia Inquirer]
  30. Porn 'tidal wave' puts parents to test [USA Today]
  31. Yahoo, library collaborate on photo archive [Australian IT]

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