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October 2005

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  1. 'Manga' publishers see cell phones as the future [The Japan Times]
  2. Using Participatory Design to Improve Web Sites [Computers in Libraries]
  3. As online research grows, libraries adapt [Lincoln Journal Star]
  4. Yahoo Works With 2 Academic Libraries and Other Archives on Project to Digitize Collections [The Chronicle of Higher Education]
  5. Man charged after historical document taken [The Capital Times]
  6. This Illiterate Brazilian's Home Speaks Volumes [Yahoo! News]
  7. Libraries, please keep your books [The Christian Science Monitor]
  8. Libraries and Librarians In A Digital Future: Where Do We Fit? []
  9. The camera can be mightier than the pen [The Times]
  10. National group protests Montgomery libraries [KHOU]
  11. Defending Google's licence to print [BBC News]
  12. Tech-savvy kids are well connected with their peers but not parents [Saint Paul Pioneer Press]
  13. Teaching With Tech [U.S. News & World Report]
  14. User-contributed content pilot [OCLC]
  15. Know Thy Bible [National Review]
  16. A Marriage of Bookshelf and Phone [The New York Times]
  17. The Hidden Cost of Documentaries [The New York Times]
  18. Hierarchical Catalog Records [D-Lib Magazine]
  19. Purdue Plans First Endowed Info Literacy Chair—Eventually [Library Journal]
  20. Library sex surfer gets apology [BBC News]
  21. Searching and Browsing in a Digital Library of Historical Maps and Newspapers [Journal of Digital Information]
  22. As costs rise, library cuts journals [The Daily Pennsylvanian]
  23. Riches We Must Share... [The Washington Post]
  24. Libraries: Standing at the Wrong Platform, Waiting for the Wrong Train? [EDUCAUSE Review]
  25. Europeans burn through digital books [CNET]
  26. The status of open access publishing by academic societies [Journal of the Medical Library Association]
  27. Acquiring Copyright Permission to Digitize and Provide Open Access to Books [Council on Library and Information Resources]
  28. The Future of Libraries [The DaVinci Institute]
  29. The perils of living in high-tech times [Yale Daily News]
  30. Date set for Da Vinci court case [BBC News]
  31. Google & the rights stuff [Daily News]

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