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September 2005

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  1. A FATE WORSE THAN DEATH [BoiseWeekly]
  2. Statement from ALA President Michael Gorman on impact of Hurricane Katrina [American Library Association]
  3. The Public Domain [Foreign Policy]
  4. Literary Letters, Lost in Cyberspace [The New York Times]
  5. Librarians consider unionizing [The Enquirer]
  6. Library Card Sign Up Month [American Library Association]
  7. Software aims to catch plagiarism [CNET]
  8. Challenges to library books on the rise [MSNBC News]
  9. Libraries sound out downloadable books []
  10. Everyone is telling teachers what to teach [The Christian Science Monitor]
  11. Public libraries should reach out to non-Arabs [Khaleej Times]
  12. Somebody's Watching You []
  13. Deconstructing Google bombs [First Monday]
  14. Lies I learned in Library School [Patrick Huey]
  15. New piece for Central Library pushes art to the technical edge [Seattle Post-Intelligencer]
  16. An Examination of Citation Counts in a New Scholarly Communication Environment [D-Lib Magazine]
  17. Math Book Deal Adds Up to Trouble [The Los Angeles Times]
  18. Man's best friend (outside of a dog) [developerWorks]
  19. Library coffee bars: the new buzz at high schools [The Dallas Morning News]
  20. Google book project: Digital-age test of copyright law [USA Today]
  21. Check this out: Librarians flash some skin for a good cause [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]
  22. Providence PL Unionizes; Cincinnati and Hamilton PL Gearing Up [Library Journal]
  23. Publishers fear lost grip on book world [BBC News]
  24. Oprah's book club returns to living writers [Entertainment Weekly]
  25. The digital Dark Age [The Sydney Morning Herald]
  26. Banned Books Week: Smoke screen of hypocrisy [WorldNetDaily]
  27. Jimmy Wales [Q & A]
  28. Libraries Lost: Storage Bins and Robotic Arms [The Chronicle of Higher Education]
  29. DIGITAL BROADBAND CONTENT: SCIENTIFIC PUBLISHING [Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development]
  30. Podcasts Give Publishers Another Tool [Sci-Tech Today]

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