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July 2023

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  1. Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library Celebrating 200 Million Books With Once-In-A-Lifetime Giveaway [Southern Living]
  2. Elizabeth Gilbert was review bombed on Goodreads. Amazon could do something to help. [Slate]
  3. A Censorship Language Primer [Book Riot]
  4. This was your chance to see a loud librarian — annual ALA conference in Chicago over the weekend took on book banning [Chicago Tribune]
  5. Generative AI, scholarly and cultural language models, and the return of content [Lorcan Dempsey]
  6. A Georgia teacher’s plight exposes the essence of anti-woke MAGA fury [The Washington Post]
  7. Why Does the U.S. Copyright Office Require Libraries to Lie to Users about Their Fair Use Rights? They Won’t Say. [The Scholarly Kitchen]
  8. Speaking To the Issues | ALA Annual 2023 [Library Journal]
  9. Campaign to restock Pride displays at San Diego libraries, patrons say they won't return books [CBS News 8]
  10. “I Have a Problem With the Stealing of My Material”: A Common Rallying Cry Emerges On AI [The Hollywood Reporter]
  11. Dad tosses chicken feed before SC school board for being 'too afraid' to take action on explicit library books [FOX News]
  12. Sotomayor’s staff pushed library, colleges to buy her books: report [The Hill]
  13. Montana State Library withdraws from national association [Montana Free Press]
  14. "Shadow libraries" are at the heart of the mounting copyright lawsuits against OpenAI [Quartz]
  15. North Carolina Republicans Want to Help Parents Prosecute Librarians [Rolling Stone]
  16. Academic Movers Q&A: Emma Molls, Championing Open Access Publishing in the Library [Library Journal]
  17. Lawsuit Challenges Montana's Sweeping New Ban on Drag Performances [Publishers Weekly]
  18. Obama Condemns ‘Profoundly Misguided’ Book Bans in Letter to Nation’s Librarians [National Review]
  19. Opinion: ChatGPT is this generation’s Wikipedia. We have an opportunity to learn from the past. [The San Diego Union-Tribune]
  20. ‘There’s an industry-wide mental health crisis’: authors and publishers on why the books sector needs to change [The Guardian]
  21. Though Cleared of Misconduct, Stanford President Resigns [Inside Higher Ed]
  22. The Anti-Ownership Ebook Economy [Engelberg Center on Innovation Law & Policy]
  23. Episode 85: The Colorful World of Comics [Call Number]
  24. Gov. Evers signs sweeping reading literacy bill into law [Wisconsin Public Radio]
  25. Temecula Valley school board adopts textbooks that include Harvey Milk after warnings from Newsom [KABC]
  26. Public libraries are the latest front in culture war battle over books [The Washington Post]
  27. The Generative AI Battle Has a Fundamental Flaw [Wired]
  28. City leaders criticize Houston ISD superintendent Mike Miles over plans for school libraries [Houston Public Media]
  29. Secondary publishing rights can improve public access to academic research [The Conversation]
  30. The possible impact of AI on search and discovery? [Aaron Tay]
  31. How book-banning campaigns have changed the lives and education of librarians [LLRX]

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