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October 2020

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  1. American classics among most ‘challenged’ books of the decade in US [The Guardian]
  2. Publishers Worry as Ebooks Fly off Libraries' Virtual Shelves [Wired]
  3. 13 Scientists Say—in a Real Journal!—There's a Black Hole at the Center of Earth [Popular Mechanics]
  4. Foreign Actors Likely to Use Online Journals to Spread Disinformation Regarding 2020 Elections [Internet Crime Complaint Center]
  5. Bookstores Need More than Hope. They Need Sales. And Soon. [Publishers Weekly]
  6. YouTubers are upscaling the past to 4K. Historians want them to stop [Wired]
  7. Gay men take over Proud Boys hashtag on Twitter 'to reclaim our pride' [USA Today]
  8. Evaluating the fake news problem at the scale of the information ecosystem [Science Advances]
  9. Google is giving data to police based on search keywords, court docs show [CNET]
  10. The next generation discovery citation indexes — a review of the landscape in 2020 (I) [Medium]
  11. A former Austin Library employee is accused of stealing $1.3M in printer toner [CNN]
  12. Casting a critical eye on "fake news" literacy and post truth pedagogy [CLAPS 2020]
  13. Why some onions were too sexy for Facebook [BBC News]
  14. Facebook bans Holocaust denial content [BBC News]
  15. Textbooks in Short Supply Amid COVID Quarantines [Inside Higher Ed]
  16. Rare copy of Shakespeare's First Folio sells for record $10M [CNN]
  17. Step Inside The Museum of Obsolete Library Science [The Metropolitan Museum of Art]
  18. A Reset for Library E-books [Publishers Weekly]
  19. Why some artificial intelligence is smart until it's dumb [The Week]
  20. Test 5 results and literature review findings published [OCLC]
  21. The Problem of Free Speech in an Age of Disinformation [The New York Times]
  22. Not Self-Indulgence, but Self-Preservation: Open Access and the Ethics of Care [Eileen A. Joy]
  23. Ed-Tech Specialist Fights Proctorio Lawsuit [Inside Higher Ed]
  24. A New Home Online for Closed College Libraries? [Inside Higher Ed]
  25. Educating for Misunderstanding: How Approaches to Teaching Digital Literacy Make Students Susceptible to Scammers, Rogues, Bad Actors, and Hate Mongers [Sam Wineburg, Joel Breakstone, Nadav Ziv, and Mark Smith]
  26. Blocking content on social media may actually draw more attention to it [Deseret News]
  27. Charlotte removes the name of a white supremacist North Carolina governor from a branch library [CNN]
  28. How bookstores are weathering the pandemic [Vox]
  29. Librarian, Read Thyself [The Rambling]
  30. Agreement to pause book-culling project at National Library [Stuff]
  31. Battle Lines Drawn Over Font Copyright Protection [Lexology]

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