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September 2020

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  1. Burning the Books by Richard Ovenden review – the libraries we have lost [The Guardian]
  2. How to Destroy Surveillance Capitalism [Cory Doctorow]
  3. Nearly half of Twitter accounts pushing to reopen America may be bots [MIT Technology Review]
  4. How Libraries Can Save the 2020 Election [The New York Times]
  5. These students figured out their tests were graded by AI — and the easy way to cheat [The Verge]
  6. Open is not forever: a study of vanished open access journals [Mikael Laakso, Lisa Matthias, Najko Jahn]
  7. The Blurred Lines and Closed Loops of Google Search [Wired]
  8. Using Integrated Library Systems and Open Data to Analyze Library Cardholders [Code4Lib]
  9. From viral conspiracies to exam fiascos, algorithms come with serious side effects [The Guardian]
  10. Dozens of scientific journals have vanished from the internet, and no one preserved them [Science]
  11. Publishers Are Taking the Internet to Court [The Nation]
  12. In This Together: School Librarians Help Address Learning Loss, Upheaval [School Library Journal]
  13. Archivists Want Broader DMCA Exemption for ‘Abandoned’ Online Games [TorrentFreak]
  14. Do bookstores make you poop? The Japanese have a theory [The A.V. Club]
  15. Douglas Co. chair wanted to cut library funding over Black Lives Matter support [KRNV]
  16. Why Goodreads is bad for books [NewStatesman]
  17. There’s No Such Thing as Family Secrets in the Age of 23andMe [Wired]
  18. National Library in middle of first major cull of international books [New Zealand Herald]
  19. Power and Status (and Lack Thereof) in Academe: Academic Freedom and Academic Librarians [In the Library with the Lead Pipe]
  20. 'I literally weep': anguish as New Zealand's National Library culls 600,000 books [The Guardian]
  21. J.K. Rowling Book Burning Videos Are Spreading Like Wildfire Across TikTok [Newsweek]
  22. Best Sellers Sell the Best Because They’re Best Sellers [The New York Times]
  23. How libraries are writing a new chapter during the pandemic [National Geographic]
  24. The Fog of Implicit Bias [Library Journal]
  25. Passenger Pigeon Manifesto [PetaPixel]
  26. Google Scholar, Microsoft Academic, Scopus, Dimensions, Web of Science, and OpenCitations' COCI: a multidisciplinary comparison of coverage via citations [Scientometrics]
  27. It Took COVID Closures to Reveal Just How Much Libraries Do Beyond Lending Books [Observer]
  28. Beyond the Pandemic, Libraries Look Toward a New Era [The New York Times]
  29. The wild reason Netflix is being sued over Enola Holmes [Netflix Life]
  30. Academic publishing practices are making ebooks unaffordable, unsustainable and inaccessible to university libraries. We call for urgent regulation of the market [Campaign to investigate the academic ebook market]

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