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February 2018

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  1. A New Home for AI: The Library [Inside Higher Ed]
  2. Book-burning Pontypridd librarian jailed for thefts [BBC News]
  3. Tractor Hacking: The Farmers Breaking Big Tech's Repair Monopoly [Motherboard]
  4. The Surprising Success of America’s Oldest Living Magazine [Topic]
  5. The unexpected role librarians are playing in Sacramento’s homeless crisis [The Sacramento Bee]
  6. Apple And Walmart Inject New Life Into Sleepy E-Book Market [Forbes]
  7. The Link to Content in 21st-Century Libraries [EDUCAUSE Review]
  8. 'Fiction is outperforming reality': how YouTube's algorithm distorts truth [The Guardian]
  9. Publication by Design [Inside Higher Ed]
  10. Welcome to the Post-Text Future [The New York Times]
  11. Science’s pirate queen [The Verge]
  12. Guns in the Library [Library Journal]
  13. ALA Full Membership to Vote on Executive Director Qualifications [Library Journal]
  14. Teaching the Art of Reading in the Digital Era [Pacific Standard]
  15. Where Old, Unreadable Documents Go to Be Understood [Atlas Obscura]
  16. 'Hello, Universe' wins Newbery for best children's book [USA Today]
  17. Why university libraries are tossing millions of books [The Christian Science Monitor]
  18. Encryption keeps us safe. It must not be compromised with ‘backdoors’ [The Guardian]
  19. B&N to Save $40 Million Following New Layoffs [Publishers Weekly]
  20. 'Sad' dog looking for kids to read to him is now all booked up [Today]
  21. A Facebook Executive Apologizes To His Company—And To Robert Mueller [Wired]
  22. Internet rages after Google removes “view image” button, bowing to Getty [Ars Technica]
  23. How These Professors Assign Their Own Books With a Clean Conscience [The Chronicle of Higher Education]
  24. Can You Revise a Book to Make It More Woke? [Vulture]
  25. The CD is dead? Not so fast [Salon]
  26. The Most Unusual Menus From Libraries Around the World [Atlas Obscura]
  27. The Grand Old Tradition of Gaming at the Library [JSTOR Daily]
  28. Inside the OED: can the world’s biggest dictionary survive the internet? [The Guardian]

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