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November 2011

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  1. A Bibliographic Framework for the Digital Age [Library of Congress]
  2. The Great Tech War Of 2012 [Fast Company]
  3. Does culture really want to be free? [Salon]
  4. Espresso Print-on-Demand Book Machines Making Inroads at Public Libraries [The Digital Shift]
  5. Amazon starts lending library for Kindle owners with Prime membership; big publishers stay out [The Washington Post]
  6. Library without books is on UF ‘wish list' [The Gainesville Sun]
  7. Saving libraries but not librarians [Los Angeles Times]
  8. Do libraries give us a core service? [Minnesota Public Radio]
  9. Software Catches (and Also Helps) Young Plagiarists [The Chronicle of Higher Education]
  10. Are Cookbooks Obsolete? [The New York Times]
  11. It's Nook vs. Kindle: Round II [CNN]
  12. CIA Analysts Comb Social Media For Trouble Spots [NPR]
  13. On National Gaming Day, libraries encourage children to put down book, pick up joystick []
  14. The Public Library, Completely Reimagined [MindShift]
  15. The End of Borders and the Future of Books [Bloomberg Businessweek]
  16. The 3-D Printing Free-for-All [The New York Times]
  17. What we learned from 5 million books [TED]
  18. In the 21st-Century University, Let's Ban (Paper) Books [The Chronicle of Higher Education]
  19. Academic Libraries on Facebook: An Analysis of Users' Comments [D-Lib Magazine]
  20. 'A Fish In Your Ear': What Gets Lost In Translation [Talk of the Nation]
  21. Anti-piracy bill meets Web-freedom backlash [CNN]
  22. Once banned books now available in Libya []
  23. Penguin Group USA to No Longer Allow Library Lending of New Ebook Titles [The Digital Shift]
  24. Journal Editors' Reactions to Word of Plagiarism? Largely Silence. [The Chronicle of Higher Education]
  25. Quietly, Google Puts History Online [The New York Times]
  26. The Myth of the Bookless Library [Inside Higher Ed]
  27. Book Country Launches Self-Publishing Services [Publishers Weekly]
  28. ALA calls NYPD destruction of OWS People’s Library “unacceptable” [Melville House]
  29. Debate rages over publishing new bird flu research [Winnipeg Free Press]
  30. The Evolution of Search [Google]

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