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October 2011

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  1. Making Books [Encyclopaedia Britannica Films]
  2. Amazon's grip tightens on the entire book-publishing chain [CNN]
  3. Librarians checked out in 'Men of the Stacks' calendar [Guardian]
  4. An Update On The 'Three Cups Of Tea' Lawsuit [All Things Considered]
  5. Open access policy adopted [The Daily Princetonian]
  6. Our Ebook Future [Library Journal]
  7. Think Different [Apple]
  8. In Supreme Court Argument, a Rock Legend Plays a Role [The New York Times]
  9. As a Revolution Takes Root, a Library Grows [Library Journal]
  10. Barry Eisler's 'Detachment' From 'Legacy' Publishing [Morning Edition]
  11. 'In Cold Blood' approved for AP students in Glendale [Los Angeles Times]
  12. Barnes & Noble yanks Kindle exclusive comics from its shelves [CNN]
  13. Will the E-Book Kill the Footnote? [The New York Times]
  14. Rep targets federal inter-library grant [Concord Monitor]
  15. 6 Reasons We're In Another 'Book-Burning' Period in History [Cracked]
  16. Mobile digital 'omnivores' are radically changing media [CNN]
  17. New Digital Tools Let Professors Tailor Their Own Textbooks for Under $20 [The Chronicle of Higher Education]
  18. Amazon Signs Up Authors, Writing Publishers Out of Deal [The New York Times]
  19. Library closures: what can local people do? [Guardian]
  20. 'Connected' Sheds Light on Our Addiction to Social Technology [The Atlantic]
  21. Digital textbooks open a new chapter [BBC News]
  22. The case for piracy [Australian Broadcasting Corporation]
  23. Q&A: National Book Award Un-Nominee, Lauren Myracle, Felt “Gutted and Ashamed” [Vanity Fair]
  24. Research Librarians Consider the Risks and Rewards of Collaboration [The Chronicle of Higher Education]
  25. Librarian-Publisher Dialog: Martha Cornog Talks to Bob Harras of DC Comics [The Digital Shift]
  26. The Confusing Library [The Two Ronnies]
  27. The Digital Death of Copyright's First Sale Doctrine [Freedom to Tinker]
  28. Should the library remain in Martin Luther King library? [The Washington Post]
  29. Live bedbugs found in Vancouver library books [The Globe and Mail]
  30. WSU Librarian Gives Haunted Tours To Show Students Around Library [KLEW-TV]
  31. Salt Lake City library’s embattled director resigns [The Salt Lake Tribune]

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