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June 2010

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  1. Libraries have right to filter Internet, but maybe shouldn't [The Seattle Times]
  2. For Our Next (Charitable) Trick, Well Need a Volunteer [Searcher]
  3. Fort Knox is no model for the internet [Financial Times]
  4. The Conversation: Is the Internet Rotting Your Brain? [ABC News]
  5. The Idea of Order: Transforming Research Collections for 21st Century Scholarship [Council on Library and Information Resources]
  6. UW librarians' Lady Gaga video goes viral [Seattle Post-Intelligencer]
  7. Are Google Maps and GPS bad for our brains? [The Washington Post]
  8. Crowd Science Reaches New Heights [The Chronicle of Higher Education]
  9. Stop The Music! Artists Demand GOPers Quit Playing Their Hits [Talking Points Memo]
  10. U. of California Tries Just Saying No to Rising Journal Costs [The Chronicle of Higher Education]
  11. Hooked on Gadgets, and Paying a Mental Price [The New York Times]
  12. Closing the Digital Frontier [The Atlantic]
  13. Razor-thin copyright line [Variety]
  14. Embedded Librarians [Inside Higher Ed]
  15. Andrew Motion attacks 'catastrophic' plan for volunteers to run libraries [Guardian]
  16. A Failure to Communicate [Publishers Weekly]
  17. 'Vanity' Press Goes Digital [The Wall Street Journal]
  18. Google to scan 400 years of history [The Age]
  19. Grandma Booked in Boise, in Library "Condiment Crime Spree"; Doesn't Hold the Mayo, Say Cops [CBS News]
  20. Finding a cure for 'copy and paste' [The Guardian]
  21. Comic book rivals in court over ownership of three superheroes [Telegraph]
  22. Preventing summer learning loss [The Washington Post]
  23. E-reader price war breaks out: Kindle, Nook cuts [CNN]
  24. 2010 top ten trends in academic libraries [College & Research Libraries News]
  25. What Is I.B.M.s Watson? [The New York Times]
  26. Gay-Themed Youth Literature Takes Off [CBS News]
  27. iPad magazines: Don't believe the hype [CNN]
  28. Opportunity and Access: The Power of Today's Public Libraries [The Huffington Post]
  29. History, with rose-tinted hindsight [BBC News]
  30. Libraries Have a Novel Idea [The Wall Street Journal]

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