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May 2010

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  1. A Gentle Reminder to Special-Collections Curators [The Chronicle of Higher Education]
  2. German Court: Google Image Search Not a Copyright Violation [PC Magazine]
  3. Appeals court upholds ruling in Seinfeld cookbook case [CNN]
  4. Inner Workings of Global Encyclopedia 'Better than a Soap Opera' [Der Spiegel]
  5. Publishing: The Revolutionary Future [The New York Review of Books]
  6. Google's Book Play [Forbes]
  7. Porn Stars Decry Piracy in New Video (SFW) [Wired]
  8. From Realities to Values: A Strategy Framework for Digital Natives [Computers in Libraries]
  9. Is social media killing film criticism? [CNN]
  10. Critical Assets: Academic Libraries, a View from the Administration Building [Library Journal]
  11. 5 Insane File Sharing Panics from Before the Internet [Cracked]
  12. Obama Thinks Information Is A Diversion [DRScoundrels]
  13. Amazon: A Patch for Your Novel Is Ready To Download [The Wall Street Journal]
  14. A Library in Your Pocket [American Libraries]
  15. E-Reader Applications for Today, and Beyond [The New York Times]
  16. Video games score one for literacy [Game Couch]
  17. 10-Year-Old Caught Surfing Porn At Library [WTAE]
  18. Literacy kudzu [The Washington Post]
  19. Doctors see more cases of 'Google-itis' [SouthtownStar]
  20. Who You Gonna Call? [Improv Everywhere]
  21. Book that George Washington borrowed from New York library is returned - 221 years later [The Daily News]
  22. Faithful few keep Dewey alive in download world [The Age]
  23. Jay Leno's Bad Library Joke [Library Journal]
  24. Marian the Cybrarian [The Chronicle of Higher Education]
  25. More conservative textbook curriculum OK'd [The Dallas Morning News]
  26. Steve Wozniak interview [The Virtual Revolution]
  27. Lessons from fashion's free culture [TED]
  28. The End of Braille? [On The Media]
  29. China's Plagiarism Problem [Forbes]
  30. Sony's Flexible OLED is Thinner Than a Strand of Hair [Gizmodo]
  31. Why Closing More Public Libraries Might Be The Best Thing (…Right Now) [LISNews]

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