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June 2007

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  1. Library enters 21st century; Will the people follow? [The Aspen Times]
  2. Ga. judge: Keep Potter books in school [The Houston Chronicle]
  3. Microsoft adds copyrighted books to online library [The Sydney Morning Herald]
  4. Reed Elsevier pulls out of organising arms fairs [The Guardian]
  5. Social Networking and Video Web Sites: MySpace and YouTube Meet the Copyright Cops [Searcher]
  6. Train Employees and Officials to Be Ready for Privacy Challenges [Computers in Libraries]
  7. Waxing Philosophical, Booksellers Face the Digital [The New York Times]
  8. March of the penguin protesters [The Guardian]
  9. Billy Graham Library inspires visitors [The Charlotte Observer]
  10. Paradise is paper, vellum and dust [The Times]
  11. Google Scan Plan Expands, Gaining the 12 CIC Universities [Library Journal]
  12. Quiet? Libraries shelve old image [The Charlotte Observer]
  13. Arguments Over Removal of Schoolbook on Cuba [The New York Times]
  14. Libraries woo patrons on the Web [The Capital Times]
  15. Jackie's story [St. Petersburg Times]
  16. Inmates sue over clearing of religious books from libraries [USA Today]
  17. Going to Court Over Fiction by a Fictitious Writer [The New York Times]
  18. You and Me and Google Makes Three: Welcoming Google into the Reference Interview [Library Philosophy and Practice]
  19. Imagine No Restrictions: Digital Rights Management [School Library Journal]
  20. Paranoia grows over Google's power [CNN]
  21. The New Metrics of Scholarly Authority [The Chronicle of Higher Education]
  22. Virtual book, real money [Business 2.0 Magazine]
  23. An Alternative to Google [Inside Higher Ed]
  24. White House Backs Cheney's Secrecy Stance [CBS News]
  25. The Human Touch That May Loosen Google’s Grip [The New York Times]
  26. Comics fans, grow up! [Salon]
  27. Cultural past of the digital age [BBC News]
  28. German government agency to fund accurate Wikipedia articles [Ars Technica]
  29. The Internet gives birth to an 'official' online library [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]
  30. The Tech Lab: Bradley Horowitz [BBC News]

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