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May 2007

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  1. Robot roams library stacks [The Denver Post]
  2. Are Book Reviewers Out of Print? [The New York Times]
  3. Magazine learns to heed its own advice [CNET]
  4. Online Library Card Registration Enables Free Passage to Digital Gems [Computers in Libraries]
  5. Steal this comic [Salon]
  6. UK Libraries Living a Second Life on World Wide Web [University of Kentucky]
  7. Leading a Digital Revolution [Egypt Today]
  8. DVD DRM row sparks user rebellion [BBC News]
  9. Shh...Library launches sex hotline [CNN]
  10. Open Access and the Progress of Science [American Scientist]
  11. Microsoft Versus Your TV [Forbes]
  12. Google Shareholders Vote Against Anti-Censorship Proposal [PC World]
  13. Letter: Wake Libraries Wrong To Ban MySpace [The Raleigh Chronicle]
  14. Demonstration to cut Danville library's Internet service [The News-Gazette]
  15. LG Philips Launches Bendable E-Paper Color Monitor [PC World]
  16. Of Real and Digital Libraries [Library Journal]
  17. Just a Google Search Away [Inside Higher Ed]
  18. Unearthing a Genre [The Chronicle of Higher Education]
  19. The Sound of Copy Restrictions Crashing [The Washington Post]
  20. Hundreds in Hong Kong complain Bible too sexual in apparent protest of obscenity ruling [International Herald Tribune]
  21. What If Every Child Had A Laptop? [60 Minutes]
  22. In print forever? Sometimes, authors would rather go out of print [The Seattle Times]
  23. Going Virtual: Technology and the Future of Academic Libraries [Library Council of Southeastern Wisconsin]
  24. Citywide Wi-Fi struggles to reach users [CNN]
  25. Everything is Miscellaneous [Google Tech Talks]
  26. The Four Habits of Highly Effective Librarians [The Chronicle of Higher Education]
  27. Researchers Turn Web Blather to Books [The Washington Post]
  28. Standing Up for Open Access [Inside Higher Ed]
  29. Unwanted books go up in flames [CNN]
  30. Blu-ray versus HD DVD [The Sydney Morning Herald]
  31. Gilbert library to be first to drop Dewey Decimal [The Arizona Republic]

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