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March 2005

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  1. Government Information in the Digital Age: The Once and Future Federal Depository Library Program [Journal of Academic Librarianship]
  2. High-tech high school puts the library online [The Palm Beach Post]
  3. The Book Stops Here [Wired]
  4. Suspicious Minds [The Chronicle of Higher Education]
  5. Baby bookworm given library card [BBC News]
  6. Gorman, On Reflection [Free Range Librarian]
  7. Library as Place: Rethinking Roles, Rethinking Space [Council on Library and Information Resources]
  8. Smelly readers banned from Calif. library [San Luis Obispo Tribune]
  9. Economics of scientific and biomedical journals [First Monday]
  10. New police protocol: Mayor says book 'em [The Seattle Times]
  11. NYPL Debuts Free Digital Gallery of 275,000 Images [Library Journal]
  12. Balancing books tougher for public library [The Enquirer]
  13. The World's Biggest Book Market [The New York Times]
  14. AP Review: Gov't Reducing Access to Info [The Guardian]
  15. Try again, protect libraries, book stores [The Seattle Times]
  16. Orphan Works [U.S. Copyright Office]
  17. Study Challenges Equation of Open-Access Publishing With an Author-Pays Business Model [The Chronicle of Higher Education]
  18. Libraries 'in scandalous state' [BBC News]
  19. Bill would make libraries tell what kids read [Portland Press Herald]
  20. Next hot trend for cell phones: Reading? [MSNBC News]
  21. Top uni rocked by plagiarism scandal [The Daily Telegraph]
  22. Pupils 'do worse with computers' [The Guardian]
  23. Funding the Way to Open Access [PLoS Biology]
  24. Utah Internet Porn Law May Face Challenge [ABC News]
  25. Rip-off 101: How The Current Practices Of The Textbook Industry Drive Up The Cost Of College Textbooks [State Public Interest Research Groups]
  26. Telemarketers scam University libraries [The Michican Daily]
  27. Anarchist Bookfair celebrates decade of dissent [USA Today]
  28. Oregon man searching for work accused of stealing from new job [The Seattle Times]
  29. Net Generation Students and Libraries [Educause Review]
  30. Information Free-for-All? [The Institute]
  31. Media Blitz Underway For Potter VI [CBS News]

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