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February 2005

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  1. A mighty voice finds the words [The News & Observer]
  2. Folksonomies Tap People Power [Wired News]
  3. An Ode to the Commode [The Daily Pennsylvanian]
  4. NIH to Deliver Free Access to Research [All Things Considered (Audio)]
  5. Publishers irritated by Google's digital library [Nature]
  6. PublishAmerica Sting [Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America]
  7. Libraries Borrow A Page [The Tampa Tribune]
  8. Prison law libraries to get computers for inmates; no Net access [The Telegraph]
  9. Book rental programs are drawing interest [St. Louis Post-Dispatch]
  10. Berkeley puts $650,000 into library book tracking system [Alameda Times-Star]
  11. Librarian fired for 'good deed' that violated confidentiality [The Johnson County Sun]
  12. Overdue [Soup2Nuts]
  13. Why the book club is more than a fad [The Guardian]
  14. Teaching Students to Swim in the Online Sea [The New York Times]
  15. Four charged in Transy book heist [Lexington Herald-Leader]
  16. Google Out of Print [Library Journal]
  17. The Reality of Open-Access Journal Articles [The Chronicle of Higher Education]
  18. Libraries, law officers sometimes clash [The Capital Times]
  19. Striving to make library as cool as mall, movies [The Boston Globe]
  20. Success at Last: Alan Moore and the Graphic Novel's Viable Bridge to the 4th Dimension [ImageTexT]
  21. Nation's presidential libraries struggling to draw visitors [Quad-City Times]
  22. Philadelphia Hopes to Lead the Charge to Wireless Future [The New York Times]
  23. Google book plan sparks French war of words [ZDNet]
  24. A new read on teen literacy [U.S. News & World Report]
  25. The tale of the Iraqi librarian who saved the books she loves [The Christian Science Monitor]
  26. Revenge of the Blog People! [Library Journal]
  27. Concepts and a Design for Fair Use and Privacy in DRM [D-Lib Magazine]
  28. Nebraska town (population one) opens treasure tome of love [The Boston Globe]

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