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July 2004

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  1. Ten Graces for New Librarians [GraceAnne DeCandido]
  2. Free Comic Book Day 2004 [Diamond Comic Distributors]
  3. Search Engine Technology and Digital Libraries [D-Lib Magazine]
  4. Final list of things making libraries look stupid [PUBLIB]
  5. Debt collectors go after overdue books [USA Today]
  6. To Chat Or Not to Chat - Taking Another Look at Virtual Reference, Part 1 [Searcher Magazine]
  7. Libraries Receive Thousands Of Outdated CDs []
  8. Libraries uphold privacy [The Detroit News]
  9. The Book Cooperative [Bluesock Solutions]
  10. Bookstore survival [Tucson Citizen]
  11. Bush Wins; House Leaves Patriot Act As Is [The Guardian]
  12. Internet more friend than foe for libraries [Pittsburgh Tribune-Review]
  13. Fire department bars book-burning [CNN]
  14. Study says medical journals allowed conflicts [The Star-Ledger]
  15. S.D. governor pulls plug on part of library Web site [USA Today]
  16. Searching for The New York Times [Wired News]
  17. Sony e-book reader tackles the fine print [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]
  18. Read at Your Own Risk [Slate]
  19. ALA Cognotes [American Library Association]
  20. Alleged library book thief sparks chase [Seattle Post-Intelligencer]
  21. Top Clinton aide in secrets row [The Guardian]
  22. Robots get bookish in libraries [BBC News]
  23. Library user cutting 'bad' words from popular book series [The Salt Lake Tribune]
  24. White House Suggests Reinstating Literacy Requirements for Voting [The Watley Review]
  25. Libraries ordered to destroy US pamphlets [The Boston Globe]
  26. Weblogs: Do they belong in libraries? [Ariadne]
  27. Libraries struggle to keep up with demand for instant information [The Herald]
  28. Life has gotten even shorter in digital age [USA Today]
  29. For Publisher of 9/11 Report, a Royalty-Free Windfall [The New York Times]
  30. 500 Books In Your Gadget Bag [Gizmodo]
  31. Special Librarians: Not Just By the Book [Career Pro News]

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