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June 2004

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  1. Who wants to know? Privacy vs. security debated [The Seattle Times]
  2. Google Spawn: The Culture Surrounding Google [Searcher Magazine]
  3. Libraries face dilemmas when they digitize items [Chicago Sun-Times]
  4. Reed allows academics free web access [The Guardian]
  5. Dogs turn kids into bookhounds [Glenwood Springs Post Independent]
  6. Reagan to be buried at presidential library [The Age]
  7. In the virtual stacks, pirated books find readers [CNET]
  8. Access formats revealed [Update]
  9. Reading 'turn-off' for many teens [BBC News]
  10. The Information Commons [The Free Expression Policy Project]
  11. Man kicked out for swearing says Ann Arbor public library violated his rights [Detriot Free Press]
  12. Fires destroy archives of Saddam rule [Seattle Post-Intelligencer]
  13. For Budding Authors, a Rapid-Fire Publisher [The New York Times]
  14. Vatican's 15th-century library goes high-tech [Lexington Herald-Leader]
  15. Technology changing idea of ownership [The Seattle Times]
  16. Web checks for student cheating [BBC News]
  17. Snowflake collection available, thanks to digital library [University at Buffalo Reporter]
  18. Is violent poetry criminal? [CNN]
  19. For Whom the Gate Tolls? [Stevan Harnad]
  20. Right versus right: Should public librarian turn police informant? [The Saratogian]
  21. The nonsense of 'knowledge management' [Information Research]
  22. INTERVIEW QUESTIONS [Indiana University Bloomington Libraries]
  23. Grow Up Reading [West Bloomfield Township Public Library]
  24. Self Publish Books []
  25. adopt a book [The British Library]
  26. Unusual libraries [Prince Rupert Public Library]
  27. A Librarian's Work [The Atlantic Monthly]
  28. Jedi Archives Clones Long Room, Trinity Attacks [Archeire]
  29. Interview with the Search Engine [SatireWire]
  30. As We May Think [The Atlantic Monthly]

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