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January 2004

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  1. Library books play second fiddle to videos, CDs [The Denver Post]
  2. Books are back, and their pages are filled with politics, biography, and history [The Boston Globe]
  3. The Many Facets of Managing Electronic Resources [Computers in Libraries]
  4. A is for AAC: A Discursive Glossary [Cites & Insights]
  5. Recataloging Librarians [Allison Ogden]
  6. Libraries research their alternatives [The Philadelphia Inquirer]
  7. We fought the Kuleshov effect and The Law won? [LawGeek]
  8. Gay references touchy in children's literature [The Seattle Times]
  9. How to Make a Faceted Classification and Put It On the Web [William Denton]
  10. Media Literacy Goes to School [Technology Review]
  11. Librarians to tackle issues during convention [The San Diego Union-Tribune]
  12. No Mark of Distinction [The Chronicle of Higher Education]
  13. $10,000 book club [The Globe and Mail]
  14. How to Digitize Eight Million Books [The Book & The Computer]
  15. Spain Jails Imam for Book on Wife-Beating [The New York Times]
  16. Libraries unite to strike digital gold for NZers [Scoop]
  17. The Collaboration Imperative [Library Journal]
  18. Student rebel beats McGill in essay fight [The Globe and Mail]
  19. Emancipated Voices: Online Recordings Tell of Slavery [The Washington Post]
  20. Technology alters library usage [The Parkersburg News]
  21. Jury throws book at scourge of Lonely Planet [The Guardian]
  22. The Telegraph in the Library [Richard Garnett]
  23. More than 15,000 books affected in Library Center fire [The Springfield News-Leader]
  24. House Panel Sparks Database Controversy [InternetNews]
  25. The Tyranny of Copyright? [The New York Times]
  26. Everyone soon to be on the same page [The Times-Picayune]
  27. Library Officials Fight Against Patriot Act [The Times-Picayune]
  28. Embattled libraries: Help us lobby [The Philadelphia Inquirer]
  29. Politicians find danger to children ... in libraries [Dodge City Daily Globe]
  30. Drawing attention [The Denver Post]
  31. Ranganathan for IAs [Boxes and Arrows]

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