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December 2003

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  1. Web sites vanish so fast scientific papers just can't keep up [San Francisco Chronicle]
  2. Public Libraries Use Internet to Sell Old Books, Help Budgets [TechNewsWorld]
  3. Libraries tap census to get read on how to fill patrons' tastes [The Birmingham News]
  4. New Research: Better Libraries, Better Test Scores [School Library Journal]
  5. Software paraphrases sentences [Technology Research News]
  6. Librarians try puttin' on the Ritz [The Palm Beach Post]
  7. Robot can browse for books in library via Internet [Japan Today]
  8. Egypt Library Removes Anti-Semitic Tract [The Atlanta Journal-Constitution]
  9. Collapse of county library system feared [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]
  10. The Word on Text Mining [Intelligent Enterprise]
  11. China works out e-paper prototype [Xinhua News Agency]
  12. Combating Ageism: Lessons Learned by "Baby" Librarians []
  13. Reed Elsevier at risk as MPs look into science publishing market [The Guardian]
  14. Use library services and get rewarded for it [Channel News Asia]
  15. Have you ever wondered if the library were like [pthbbbt]
  16. Privacy, Porn, and Public Access in 2004 [Library Journal]
  17. Guinness: Scientist creates world's largest book [CNN]
  18. Google Experiment Provides Internet With Book Excerpts [The New York Times]
  19. A Quantum Theory of Internet Value [The Register]
  20. In Castro's Gulag—Librarians [The Village Voice]
  21. Letter by Ann Sparanese to ALA regarding commentary by Nat Hentoff [Cuba Libraries Solidarity Group]
  22. Little things put big burdens on librarians of Santa Cruz [The Mercury News]
  23. DVD piracy claim rejected in Norway appeal [International Herald Tribune]
  24. 'It's a pantomime where tinsel takes the place of substance' [The Guardian]
  25. THE YEAR IN BOOKS [The Atlanta Journal-Constitution]
  26. Beyoncé's Blaring, So You Won't Hear a Shhh! [The New York Times]
  27. Ancient masterpieces at National Library [China Daily]
  28. In Medical Mystery, A Hint of Smallpox [The Washington Post]
  29. Transcription of Braille translates into new life [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]
  30. Book it: State dollars to help [The Express-Times]
  31. FBI Links Almanacs With Terror Planning [FOX News]

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