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January 2003

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  1. Call For Papers: The Reference Librarian [Jessamyn West]
  2. Copyright extension is upheld [International Herald Tribune]
  3. Faxon Failure May Cost Libraries, Pubs $100M [Publishers Weekly]
  4. Librarians Split on Sharing Info [Wired News]
  5. Breaking into books [The Christian Science Monitor]
  6. Elsevier's Vanishing Act [The Chronicle of Higher Education]
  7. Writers Against Piracy [Improv Everywhere]
  8. LibraryLookup [Jon Udell]
  9. School to use eye scan for lunch fees [CNN]
  10. Removing the Barriers to Research: An Introduction to Open Access for Librarians [College & Research Libraries News]
  11. Digital Archiving: What Is Involved? [EDUCAUSE Review]
  12. Laura Bush Announces $20 Million to Help Offset National Shortage of Librarians [White House]
  13. Harry Potter series tops list of most challenged books four years in a row [American Library Association]
  14. Question time [The Sydney Morning Herald]
  15. City library becoming a 'porn palace': CUPE [The Ottawa Citizen]
  16. The People's Network: A turning point for public libraries [The Council for Museums, Archives and Libraries]
  17. Preserving the sound of America [MSNBC News]

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