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May 2024

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  1. Celebrating fictional library workers [Pop Culture Library Review]
  2. 2024 Library Systems Report [American Libraries]
  3. Excessive use of words like ‘commendable’ and ‘meticulous’ suggests ChatGPT has been used in thousands of scientific studies [El País]
  4. Walk-through of Portland State University’s library after three-night occupation reveals damage: ‘It’s ugly’ [The Oregonian]
  5. The Complicated Ethics of Rare-Book Collecting [The Atlantic]
  6. Revising a Best Selling Romance Novelist Proves a Challenge [The New York Times]
  7. AI-Voiced Audiobooks Top 40,000 Titles on Audible [Bloomberg]
  8. A Conversation with Dr. Safiya Noble - New challenges in DEI, Technology, and Libraries [Ex Libris]
  9. Please Don’t Steal My Work, by Maria Toft [For Better Science]
  10. Libraries [Last Week Tonight with John Oliver]
  11. In Florida, a bestselling author is building a new community of literary resistance [CNN]
  12. This clever, “poisonous” new software is helping artists defend their work from AI [Fast Company]
  13. Librarians, Advocates Sue to Block Restrictive New Alabama Library Policies [Publishers Weekly]
  14. Obsolete, but not gone: The people who won't give up floppy disks [BBC]
  15. Not Lost in a Book [Slate]
  16. How tech giants cut corners to harvest data for artificial intelligence [Business Standard]
  17. Are librarians non-playable characters? [Library Policy and Advocacy Blog]
  18. Wiley shuts 19 scholarly journals amid AI paper mill problems [The Register]
  19. Considering RAG when Evaluating Generative AI Tools [LibTech Insights]
  20. Librarians Are Waging a Quiet War Against International “Data Cartels” [The Markup]
  21. Donnelly Public Library announces it will become adults-only library, cites Idaho Legislature's library bill [KTVB]
  22. AI-assisted writing is quietly booming in academic journals. Here’s why that’s OK [The Conversation]
  23. A UCLA doctor is on a quest to free modern medicine from a Nazi-tainted anatomy book [Los Angeles Times]

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