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September 2023

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  1. AI is killing the grand bargain at the heart of the web. 'We're in a different world.' [Insider]
  2. A Book Is a Book Is a Book—Except When It’s an e-Book [The Insider]
  3. Machine Learning and WorldCat: improving records for cataloging and discovery [Hanging Together]
  4. Iowa schools will reverse ‘Friday Night Lights’ ban after backlash for AI review [The Philadelphia Inquirer]
  5. Dominant COVID Narratives and Implications for Information Literacy Education in the “Post-Pandemic” United States [In the Library with the Lead Pipe]
  6. US appeals court curbs Copyright Office's mandatory deposit policy [Reuters]
  7. Teachers and Librarians Describe a Climate of Fear Stoked By New Laws [PEN America]
  8. Visual artists fight back against AI companies for repurposing their work [Associated Press]
  9. ‘There won’t be libraries left’: how a Florida county became the book ban heartland of the US [The Guardian]
  10. Can Inadequate Corrections Turn Misinformation into Disinformation? [The Scholarly Kitchen]
  11. Shining a Light on the Digital Dark Age [Long Now]
  12. Library tension flares anew in St. Tammany, as patrons blast council and issue sparks altercation []
  13. Book Publishing Has a Toys ‘R’ Us Problem [The Atlantic]
  14. OpenAI confirms that AI writing detectors don’t work [Ars Technica]
  15. Police respond to bomb threats at libraries in Aurora, Evanston, Addison [CBS News]
  16. Law library proposals get differing reactions: Law librarians concerned about possible revisions, but others see opportunity [The Indiana Lawyer]
  17. Conservative book ban push fuels library exodus from national association that stands up for books [Associated Press]
  18. Forsyth County schools cancel talks after author says the word 'gay' to elementary school students [Georgia Public Broadcasting]
  19. Republican candidate for Missouri governor vows to burn books after viral flamethrower video [The Kansas City Star]
  20. Carnival Cruise Line quietly phases out a cruise ship staple [TheStreet]
  21. Kansas librarians say they were fired for rainbow autism symbols [The Washington Post]
  22. In a Blistering Opinion, Judge Officially Blocks Texas Book Rating Law [Publishers Weekly]
  23. Library books have faced challenges for decades, but a recent shift has become more organized as a proxy culture war [The Globe and Mail]
  24. Birds Aren’t Real? How a Conspiracy Takes Flight [TED]
  25. George R. R. Martin, Jodi Picoult and other famous writers join Authors Guild in class action lawsuit against OpenAI [CNN]
  26. Book Challenges in Libraries Surge to New Record [American Libraries]
  27. An old master? No, it’s an image AI just knocked up … and it can’t be copyrighted [The Guardian]
  28. Book Banning Debate Moves to U.S. Senate [Library Journal]
  29. How a Moms for Liberty-aligned attack on library content is upending politics in Philly burbs [The Philadelphia Inquirer]
  30. File Under ‘S’ for Solidarity: Union Members Defend Local Library [Convergence]

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