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January 2023

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  1. Public Domain Day 2023 [Duke University School of Law]
  2. St. Paul libraries face moment of reckoning [StarTribune]
  3. America’s culture warriors are going after librarians [Coda Story]
  4. Boulder pushes back library's reopening after further testing on meth contamination [CBS Colorado]
  5. Why You Should Always Put a Used Book in the Freezer Before Reading It [Well+Good]
  6. Wax Cylinders Hold Audio From a Century Ago. The Library Is Listening. [The New York Times]
  7. Could bolstering public libraries be the key to reducing crime and violence? [WTMJ]
  8. Unbanning Books: LJ’s 2023 Librarians of the Year [Library Journal]
  9. TikTok Figured Out an Easy Way to Recommend Books. The Results Were Dubious. [Slate]
  10. If not a transformative agreement, then what? Nine questions and answers about an alternative. [College & Research Libraries News]
  11. The Internet's Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz [Brian Knappenberger]
  12. Fight over St. Tammany library books escalates to include law enforcement [Louisiana Illuminator]
  13. US farmers win right to repair John Deere equipment [BBC News]
  14. ChatGPT Advice Academics Can Use Now [Inside Higher Ed]
  15. Death of the narrator? Apple unveils suite of AI-voiced audiobooks [The Guardian]
  16. Public Library Budgets Are Being Slashed. Police Have More Cash Than Ever [Vice]
  17. Research Summaries Written by AI Fool Scientists [Scientific American]
  18. Are book bans discrimination? Biden administration to test new legal theory. [The Washington Post]
  19. Follett Corporation History: the evolution and devolution of a family business [Library Technology Newsletter]
  20. AI and Scholarly Publishing: A View from Three Experts [The Scholarly Kitchen]
  21. North Dakota weighs ban on 'sexually explicit' library books [NBC News]
  22. UW librarians announce second strike if deal isn’t reached [The Seattle Times]
  23. Rejecting AP Studies, Restricting Libraries: Here’s How DeSantis And His ‘Anti-Woke’ Policies Are Impacting Florida Education [Forbes]
  24. Manatee County teachers close class libraries, fearing prosecution under new Florida law [Sarasota Herald-Tribune]
  25. Why US libraries are on the frontlines of the homelessness crisis [The Guardian]
  26. Why politicians keep misplacing classified documents [BBC News]
  27. Ethical acquisitions in academic libraries: a simple idea without a simple solution [Insights]
  28. Artificial Intelligence and the Research Paper: A Librarian’s Perspective [Southern Methodist University Libraries News]
  29. School librarians vilified as the ‘arm of Satan’ in book-banning wars [Los Angeles Times]
  30. The Death of Plagiarism [Very Fine Day]
  31. Sorry, Twitter, but Florida's war on books is no joke. Ron DeSantis wants to keep kids from reading [Salon]

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