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June 2022

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  1. In the Fight Over How to Teach Reading, This Guru Makes a Major Retreat [The New York Times]
  2. Accused of Cheating by an Algorithm, and a Professor She Had Never Met [The New York Times]
  3. Can Seth Green Still Make His NFT Show if His Bored Ape Was Stolen? [Decrypt]
  4. How Rural Librarian Jessamyn West is Alleviating the Digital Divide [Slate]
  5. As book-bannings sweep across the country, one Guilford County teacher fights back against book challenge [Triad City Beat]
  6. In Turkey, book publishers face agonising choices to survive [Al Jazeera]
  7. The old and the prudish: an examination of sex, sexuality, and queerness in Library of Congress Classification [In the Library with the Lead Pipe]
  8. Pride Month, Women's History Book Displays Removed From Library System [Newsweek]
  9. Texas A&M librarians give up tenure status in academic reorganization [Houston Chroicle]
  10. Quitting Time [American Libraries]
  11. Records show ICE uses LexisNexis to check millions, far more than previously thought [TechCrunch]
  12. Hefty eBook fees causing crisis for library budgets [Irish Examiner]
  13. How Ted Lasso Changed My Librarianship [Library Journal]
  14. Group of men disrupt Drag Queen Story Hour at California library [NBC News]
  15. Judge strikes down Maryland law requiring publishers to make ebooks available to libraries [WJLA]
  16. OCLC Files Lawsuit Against Clarivate Analytics [LJ infoDOCKET]
  17. School Librarians Under Pressure [Publishers Weekly]
  18. This Author Went Viral For Tweeting About A BookTok Trend That's Costing Her Money, And She's Not The Only One [BuzzFeed]
  19. Entangled Collections: Colonial Histories and the Ethics of Ownership and Stewardship [UCLA Library]
  20. James Patterson: US author sorry for saying white writers face racism [BBC News]
  21. With Google dominating search, the internet needs crawl neutrality [Fast Company]
  22. Why open science is primarily a labour issue [Samuel Moore]
  23. Officials, advocates offer differing versions after Proud Boys disrupt Pride Storytime event [WQHR]
  24. When Will We Wake Up and Get Tough on Book Control? [McSweeneys]
  25. These Period Tracker Apps Say They Put Privacy First. Here’s What We Found. [Consumer Reports]
  26. A new way to choose your next book [The Business Times]
  27. Long Island library board reverses ban on LGBTQ-related books, displays from children's sections [ABC7 New York]
  28. Some states are changing the laws that govern community libraries [Morning Edition]
  29. A panel at national conference for librarians raises questions over approach to Holocaust denial [Jewish Insider]
  30. Man with gun turned children's reading book event to chaos in Sparks Library [KRNV]

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