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December 2021

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  1. Biden calls for intellectual property waivers on COVID vaccines [Al Jazeera]
  2. Dead on Archival [Tedium]
  3. Who Owns a Recipe? A Plagiarism Claim Has Cookbook Authors Asking. [The New York Times]
  4. My Book Was Censored in China. Now It’s Blacklisted — in Texas. [The New York Times]
  5. Why are Taylor Swift and academics all in the same boat? And why is she more fortunate? [Walled Culture]
  6. ‘It was terrifying’: ancient book’s journey from Irish bog to museum treasure [The Guardian]
  7. There's new pressure to ban books at schools [Morning Edition]
  8. What Happened to Amazon’s Bookstore? [The New York Times]
  9. The American Prison System’s War on Reading [Protean Magazine]
  10. Crime Prediction Software Promised to Be Free of Biases. New Data Shows It Perpetuates Them [Gizmodo]
  11. Luis Soriano Had a Dream, Two Donkeys, and a Lot of Books [Atlas Obscura]
  12. Texas school district pulls 400 books from library shelves for review after legislator’s inquiry [NBC News]
  13. Alice Sebold publisher pulls memoir after overturned rape conviction [The Guardian]
  14. The insane resurgence of vinyl records [The Hustle]
  15. Iowa senator calls for felony penalty for distribution of 'obscene' materials in schools [Des Moines Register]
  16. Ten Stories That Shaped 2021 [LISNews]
  17. AAP Sues to Block Maryland, New York Library E-book Laws [Publishers Weekly]
  18. Mobile libraries restart for the first time since Taliban takeover [Euronews]
  19. Resisting Crisis Surveillance Capitalism in Academic Libraries [Canadian Journal of Academic Librarianship]
  20. The internet is tricking our brains [NBC News]
  21. Push to ban books in Texas schools spreads to public libraries [KXAN Austin]
  22. “I Know It When I See It”: Who Pulled Gender Queer from Wake County Library Shelves? [Book Riot]
  23. The Impact of Federated Authentication on User Experience, Privacy, and Learning Analytics [Coalition for Networked Information]
  24. The Future State of Our Scholarly Publishing Vendors [The Scholarly Kitchen]
  25. Do Chairs Exist? [Vsauce]
  26. Amazon caved to China by removing critical reviews of President Xi Jinping's book: Report [Wahsington Examiner]
  27. Some school librarians fed up with book bans are organizing and fighting back [CNN]
  28. The Top Retractions of 2021 [The Scientist Magazine]
  29. Miami-Dade County libraries to distribute at-home rapid testing kits as omicron continues to spread [WSVN 7News]
  30. OK Bill Would Pay Parents $10K Each Day Their Nominated Banned Books Remain in Libraries [Newsweek]
  31. Kids need to see themselves reflected in media. Here are some recommendations [Morning Edition]

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