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May 2018

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  1. What Happens When Science Just Disappears? [Wired]
  2. Artificial Intelligence Is Cracking Open the Vatican's Secret Archives [The Atlantic]
  3. Library Systems Report 2018 [American Libraries]
  4. Cutting Off Chinese Researchers [Inside Higher Ed]
  5. Nobel Prize for Literature delayed amid Swedish Academy 'sex assault' scandal [BBC News]
  6. Newberry Library Digitizes Trove of Lakota Drawings [Smithsonian]
  7. The Common Room [CLIP]
  8. Wikipedia Founder Says Internet Users Are Adrift In The 'Fake News' Era [All Things Considered]
  9. A Thing Meant to Be: The Work of a Book Editor [Poets & Writers]
  10. Inside The Ecosystem That Fuels Amazon’s Fake Review Problem [BuzzFeed]
  11. ‘Big Deal’ Cancellations Gain Momentum [Inside Higher Ed]
  12. Romance Novelist Secures Trademark For Word 'Cocky,' Begins Beating Other Novelists Over The Head With It [Techdirt]
  13. What is GDPR? A look at the European data privacy rules that could change tech [NBC News]
  14. Three reasons Wikipedia needs libraries, and vice-versa [OCLC Next]
  15. Are ebooks dying or thriving? The answer is yes [Quartz]
  16. From Supermarkets to Marketplaces — The Evolution of the Open Access Ecosystem [The Scholarly Kitchen]
  17. A book vending machine gives homes to unwanted books [Better Homes and Gardens]
  18. The Google privacy conundrum: Why locking down your data is a hard choice [PCWorld]
  19. Bacon, cheese slices and sawblades: the strangest bookmarks left at libraries [The Guardian]
  20. Russian information troops, disinformation, and democracy [First Monday]
  21. What Spotify’s Alarming R. Kelly Censorship Means for the Future of the Internet [The Daily Beast]
  22. Book About Transgender Girl Breaks Ground — And Stirs Controversy — In Oregon Schools [OPB]
  23. Schools See Steep Drop in Librarians, New Analysis Finds [Education Week]
  24. US Congress considers extending copyright term [The IPKat]
  25. Archivists, and the Archives They Maintain, Are the Heartbeat of Fashion Houses [Fashionista]
  26. How the Math Men Overthrew the Mad Men [The New Yorker]
  27. Bringing Wikipedia into the Library [American Libraries]
  28. Welcome to the ‘New Dark Age.’ [Transformation]
  29. EFF Presents Mur Lafferty's Science Fiction Story About Our Fair Use Petition to the Copyright Office [EFF]
  30. Why we can’t give up this odd way of typing [BBC]
  31. Copyright, Copyleft and the Creative Anti-Commons [Anna Nimus]

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