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March 2017

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  1. Authors Hire Sensitivity Specialists To Avoid Offending Readers [Morning Edition]
  2. A Robot May Be Training to Do Your Job. Don’t Panic. [The New York Times]
  3. Supporting Open Access [Library Journal]
  4. 25 million books are missing from UK libraries – but who's counting? [The Guardian]
  5. 'Vile' and 'disturbing?' Book OK'd for high school [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]
  6. Library Waggin’ Train [American Libraries]
  7. How YouTube Is Changing Our Viewing Habits [Weekend Edition]
  8. The good news and the bad news from the Met are all one tale [James Shulman]
  9. Gwinnett libraries hosting ‘sensory friendly’ browsing hours [Atlanta Journal Constitution]
  10. The Monk Who Saves Manuscripts From ISIS [The Atlantic]
  11. Are Library Vendors a Necessary Evil? [Medium]
  12. Industry, and Apple, opposing “right to repair” laws [Ars Technica]
  13. Librarians Are Not Worth Waiting For [Library Journal]
  14. How the invention of paper changed the world [BBC News]
  15. Cynthia Graham Hurd Library among areas in West Ashley tagged with graffiti [WCIV]
  16. Article on 'Rock Star' Librarians Inflames Teachers, Children's Lit Community [Education Week]
  17. Trump wants to cut the NEA and NEH. This is the worst-case scenario for arts groups [The Washington Post]
  18. Ebook sales continue to fall as younger generations drive appetite for print [The Guardian]
  19. Books N Bros’ 11-year-old founder wants to help boys love reading at an age when they often don’t [St. Louis Public Radio]
  20. Our Futures in Times of Change [American Libraries]
  21. Welcome to the next level of 3D printing [CNet]
  22. Toronto libraries extend hours — but not staffing — for pilot project [Toronto Star]
  23. Dilemma for librarians: Keep thousands of books or donate them? [Chicago Tribune]
  24. The Life and Death of the Library of Alexandria [Literary Hub]
  25. Libraries as a luxury item [Medium]
  26. Can Open Source Be Traced To The 17th-Century? [TED Radio Hour]
  27. Seed Librarians Are Fighting to Protect the U.S.’s Resilient and Diverse Food System [Pacific Standard]
  28. From frenemy to friend: How Google won publishers over [Digiday]
  29. ACRL Closes with Carla Hayden [American Libraries]
  30. When Your Scholarship Goes to Court [The Chronicle of Higher Education]
  31. In Praise of ‘B’ Journals [Inside Higher Ed]

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