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January 2017

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  1. Our Automated Future [The New Yorker]
  2. KU library workers push inclusion wearing preferred gender pronoun buttons [Kansas City Star]
  3. To save books, librarians create fake 'reader' to check out titles [Orlando Sentinel]
  4. Anatomy of a Hoax [The Chronicle of Higher Education]
  5. How an Art Library Is Changing Lives in L.A. [Artsy]
  6. Germany’s Latest Best Seller? A Critical Version of ‘Mein Kampf’ [The New York Times]
  7. Keeping Inmates on the Outside [American Libraries]
  8. The challenge facing libraries in an era of fake news [The Conversation]
  9. Centuries of New York History Prepare for a Move [The New York Times]
  10. Knowledge Management – Automated Content Generation and Curation [IF4IT]
  11. Philadelphia School District librarians: a species nearly extinct? []
  12. He Fixes the Cracked Spines of Books, Without an Understudy [The New York Times]
  13. Free Speech Advocates, Publishers Wrestle With Questions Of Censorship [All Things Considered]
  14. Library of Congress and U.S. Copyright Office Roundup [Information Today]
  15. Institutional Values and the Value of Truth-Seeking Institutions [Inside Higher Ed]
  16. Too Much to Read: Victorian Periodicals, Bibliographical Utopianism, and the Bad Indexer [James Mussell]
  17. With the rise of global instability, can ceramic storage save our digital culture? [ZDNet]
  18. Amid plagiarism scandal, Monica Crowley bows out of national security post [The Christian Science Monitor]
  19. Gates Foundation open-access policy goes into effect, joining others [Inside Higher Ed]
  20. All I Know Is What’s on the Internet [Real Life]
  21. Controversial website that lists ‘predatory’ publishers shuts down [Nature]
  22. What did Big Data find when it analysed 150 years of British history? [ScienceDaily]
  23. Encyclopaedias now virtually 'worthless' as Wikipedia celebrates 16th anniversary [ABC News]
  24. Milwaukee bookstore made FBI chief see 'Red' [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]
  25. Google and the Misinformed Public [The Chronicle of Higher Education]
  26. You Can Write a Best-Seller and Still Go Broke [Slate]
  27. How Do People Google the xXx Movies? [GQ]
  28. We rely on the government for lots of data. What happens to that in the Trump era of “alternative facts”? [The Washington Post]
  29. U.S. Cassette Album Sales Increased by 74% in 2016, Led by 'Guardians' Soundtrack [Billboard]
  30. Ransomware attack paralyses St Louis libraries as hackers demand bitcoins [The Guardian]
  31. ALA Midwinter 2017: Librarians Ponder the Future Under Trump [Publishers Weekly]

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