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November 2016

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  1. 2016: The Year Open Access Broke? [ACRL]
  2. Why Did We Have to Wait a Year to Fix Our Cars? [EFF]
  3. Who owns your ink? Tattoos artists turn to lawsuits to protect intellectual property [ABC]
  4. Making Cuba connections [College & Research Libraries News]
  5. The Human Library where you can borrow someone's story [BBC News]
  6. How the Internet Is Loosening Our Grip on the Truth [The New York Times]
  7. Memory in the Internet Age: Part 1: Forgetting & Remembering [Against the Grain]
  8. There Will Soon Be Zero Bookstores In The Bronx [Gothamist]
  9. Deep Neural Network Learns to Judge Books by Their Covers [MIT Technology Review]
  10. If China Meant to Chill Hong Kong Speech, Booksellers’ Case Did the Job [The New York Times]
  11. Media’s Next Challenge: Overcoming the Threat of Fake News [The New York Times]
  12. Murder (or not) at the Library of Congress? [The Washington Post]
  13. Europe rules that libraries can lend e-books like normal ones [Engadget]
  14. Smartphones Can't Replace Libraries [Inside Higher Ed]
  15. After Election, Librarians, Book Creators Vow To Support Children [School Library Journal]
  16. E-books can be lent by libraries just like normal books, rules EU’s top court [Ars Technica UK]
  17. One Way To Bridge The Political Divide: Read The Book That's Not For You [Morning Edition]
  18. Is Audio Really the Future of the Book? [JSTOR Daily]
  19. In the war on fake news, school librarians have a huge role to play [The Verge]
  20. Still time to clear library fines with food donations [Alaska Highway News]
  21. Inside the Design Library, a vast archive of patterns and textiles [Creative Review]
  22. How We Got To Post-Truth [Fast Company]
  23. Still in vogue: luxury magazines defy print market gloom [The Guardian]
  24. The Nonprofit Using Scavenger Hunts To Research Girls' Education [Fast Company]
  25. Open Access and Transforming the Future of Research [EFF]
  26. Book Cleaning [Library Journal]
  27. Oral History of Bourbon Whiskey [University of Kentucky Libraries]
  28. Students Have 'Dismaying' Inability To Tell Fake News From Real, Study Finds [NPR]
  29. Whoa, Google’s AI Is Really Good at Pictionary [Wired]
  30. Campus Libraries See Increase in Discriminatory Incidents [Library Journal]

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