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March 2016

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  1. Hitler's ‘Mein Kampf' is a best seller in Germany [ABC]
  2. Hong Kong bookseller Lee Bo says he will abandon UK residency [BBC]
  3. Gardeners can 'check out' seeds from Saskatoon Seed Library [CBC]
  4. 100-year-old process creates Ethiopia's treasured books [CNN]
  5. Amazon risks market backlash after removing encryption on Kindle Fire tablets [CBR]
  6. Nefertiti bust secretly scanned by artists so everyone can 3D print one at home for free [IBT]
  7. Robot librarian designed by Aberystwyth University students [THE]
  8. Crossword puzzle: Do clues reveal plagiarism? [CBS]
  9. Supreme Court Denies Apple's Appeal On E-Books, Triggering Millions In Payments [NPR]
  10. The science of content curation: Has it changed the publishing industry? [IBT]
  11. Hilton taps IBM's Watson supercomputer for new robotic concierge [FOX]
  12. What Publishers Need to Know About Copyright [DBW]
  13. Publishing Heavyweights Petition White House, Congress To End Cuba Book Embargo [NPR]
  14. What We Talk About When We Talk About Apple and Compelled Speech [EFF]
  15. AP Sunshine Requests Denied by Legislative Leaders [CBS]
  16. ‘Star Trek’ fan film’s lawyer: Studios are only hurting fans, themselves with legal battle [FOX]
  17. Encryption [HBO]
  18. Americans with bachelor degrees lag behind other nations in labor skills [PBS]
  19. Oregon Libraries Invest In Cutting-Edge Maker Labs [OPB]
  20. Sci-Hub: research piracy and the public good [THE]
  21. Too Naked for the Nazis wins Diagram odd book-title prize [CBC]
  22. Your Kindle Will Turn Into A Relic If You Don't Update It Today [NME]
  23. To Kill A Mass Market Paperback and Access to Knowledge [ARL]
  24. Fair Use in Art, Politics, and Babies Going Crazy [CDT]
  25. Joint Statement in Support of Rapid Ratification [ACB]
  26. Creation station: UAB’s new MakerSpace powers campus innovators [UAB]
  27. While Microsoft’s Tay was being racist, an AI entered a writing contest — and nearly won [TNW]
  28. Library of Congress to Cancel the Subject Heading “Illegal Aliens” [LOC]
  29. Famed Publisher Opens Paris' First on-Demand Only Bookshop [ABC]
  30. He Said What? Making Sense of the Presidential Campaign [SLJ]
  31. For Adults, Lifelong Learning Happens The Old Fashioned Way [NPR]

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