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November 2015

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  1. The role of libraries in times of crisis [CLIP]
  2. A Penny for Your Books [The New York Times]
  3. Can a Professor Be Forced to Assign a $180 Textbook? [Inside Higher Ed]
  4. Public Universities Back Protest of Elsevier Pricing [Inside Higher Ed]
  5. Amazon opening its first real bookstore — at U Village [The Seattle Times]
  6. As U.S. Libraries Are Outsourced, Readers See Public Trust Erode [Bloomberg]
  7. Solving the Self-Published Puzzle [American Libraries]
  8. How Amazon Quietly Became America's Biggest Publisher of Translated Literature [New Republic]
  9. Airbnb Apologizes After Ad Fail [Inc.]
  10. What Open-Access Publishing Actually Costs [The Chronicle of Higher Education]
  11. Ban Before Reading [The New York Times]
  12. Declining E-book Sales Hit Home [Publishers Weekly]
  13. The Library in the Life of the User: Engaging with People Where They Live and Learn [OCLC]
  14. Hong Kong bookstore disappearances shock publishing industry [BBC News]
  15. How Could You Like That Book? [The New York Review of Books]
  16. Why Digitizing Harvard’s Law Library May Not Improve Access to Justice [Big Law Business]
  17. The Invisible Library [The New Yorker]
  18. Beneath New York Public Library, Shelving Its Past for High-Tech Research Stacks [The New York Times]
  19. Why Most Internships Are Actually Illegal [CollegeHumor]
  20. Texas rejects allowing academics to fact-check public school textbooks [The Christian Science Monitor]
  21. Literature vs genre is a battle where both sides lose [The Guardian]
  22. Are school librarians going way of the milkman? [The Charlotte Observer]
  23. What Will Libraries Be Like in 2100? [Slate]
  24. Text-mining block prompts online response [Nature]
  25. Scientists finally get under the skin of a 13th century publishing mystery [The Guardian]
  26. After Paris Attacks, Here’s What the CIA Director Gets Wrong About Encryption [Wired]
  27. The Future Of Libraries Is Collaborative, Robotic, And Participatory [Co.Exist]
  28. Anne Frank foundation moves to keep famous diary copyrighted for 35 more years [Ars Technica]
  29. ‘With all this technology, what do we need librarians for?’ [The Bulletin]
  30. A Storied Bookstore and Its Late Oracle Leave an Imprint on Islamabad [The New York Times]

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