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March 2015

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  1. The truth about contracts [Scholarly Communications @ Duke]
  2. The Last of the Typewriter Men [Medium]
  3. The Future of the Web Is 100 Years Old [Nautilus]
  4. The Man Who Turned Paper Into Pixels [Delve]
  5. The Secret Life of a Public Library Security Guard [Narratively]
  6. After stumbles, Chicago on course to host Obama library [Politico]
  7. Borrow a sewing machine? Sacramento Public Library to start loaning more than books [The Sacramento Bee]
  8. Clinton's Use Of Personal Email Could Hamper Archiving Efforts [All Things Considered]
  9. Diving into critical pedagogy: an alterative view of information literacy [The Chronicle of Higher Education]
  10. Ending the Invisible Library [Library Journal]
  11. Forecasting the Future of Libraries 2015 [American Libraries]
  12. Google wants to rank websites based on facts not links [New Scientist]
  13. How the Photocopier Changed the Way We Worked—and Played [Smithsonian]
  14. Is the Library Really Dead? []
  15. Japan Seeks to Promote ‘Correct’ View of Wartime Past [Bloomberg Business]
  16. Kansas May Criminalize Educators for Distributing “Harmful Material” [School Library Journal]
  17. LISWiki and the Tragedy of the Non-Commons [Medium]
  18. More public libraries, their relevance at stake, see helping homeless people as a core mission [FOX News]
  19. New York's last classical sheet music store closes [CNN]
  20. Omaha lawmaker wants to rid seed libraries of outlaw status []
  21. Putting a Dent in College Costs With Open-Source Textbooks [The New York Times]
  22. Questions raised about Gordon College's right to sell donated collection [The Salem News]
  23. Rescuing the priceless manuscripts of Timbuktu [PBS NewsHour]
  24. School cuts have decimated librarians []
  25. ‘The Anarchist Cookbook’ and the rise of DIY terrorism [The Kernel]
  26. Unequal shelves in D.C. school libraries benefit wealthier students [The Washington Post]
  27. Venom library to store poison from Australia's deadliest creatures [The Guardian]
  28. White House office to delete its FOIA regulations [USA Today]
  29. X-rated activity puts Oregon State University library in the spotlight []
  30. Young Evangelical Leader Loses Book Deal After Coming Out [Time]
  31. Zoning complaint shuts down ‘Little Free Library’ [The Advocate]

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