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November 2014

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  1. Terms of Service [Al Jazeera America]
  2. Texas textbook review: ‘I’d like a Biblical check on that’ [The Washington Post]
  3. The top 100 papers [Nature]
  4. Making It Real: 3D Printing as a Library Service [EDUCAUSE Review]
  5. Glenn Greenwald: Why privacy matters [TED]
  6. The lives of books [College & Research Libraries News]
  7. Picking The Locks: Redefining Copyright Law In The Digital Age [All Things Considered]
  8. Considering RFID? Consider This. [Computers in Libraries]
  9. The Ingenuity and Beauty of Creative Parchment Repair in Medieval Books [Colossal]
  10. Death of the Library Website Redesign [Tammy Wolf & Melissa Johnson]
  11. Free Money [Planet Money]
  12. Google Scholar pioneer on search engine’s future [Nature]
  13. Will the librarian PLEASE keep the noise down! [Daily Mail]
  14. The Knowledge, London’s Legendary Taxi-Driver Test, Puts Up a Fight in the Age of GPS [The New York Times Style Magazine]
  15. Brooklyn wins 4th annual ‘Battle of the Book Sorters’ [Brooklyn Daily Eagle]
  16. Welcome To The Library [TNT]
  17. The Importance of Being a Reference Librarian [Booklist]
  18. Maurice Sendak's rare book collection is subject of new lawsuit [Los Angeles Times]
  19. Online Fan Fiction Spaces as Literacy Tools [Reading Today Online]
  20. Amazon-Hachette Deal: The Reaction [Publishers Weekly]
  21. From OPAC to Search Engine: Making the Case for Discovery [Discovery Tools Now and in the Future]
  22. Meet the Man Who Catalogs Medieval Cartoons [Modern Notion]
  23. Are libraries sustainable in a world of free, networked, digital information? [El profesional de la información]
  24. See the Possible: Little Free Libraries come to Fairfax [WKYC]
  25. Judge Approves Apple Settlement, But Case is Far From Over [Publishers Weekly]
  26. Ferguson Library Stays Open as Schools and Services Close [Newsweek]
  27. Therapy dogs help give kids reading confidence [Port Clinton News-Herald]
  28. Nightclubs for literature? Why book selling is booming in Taiwan [CNN]
  29. Publishing: The peer-review scam [Nature]
  30. How an eBay bookseller defeated a publishing giant at the Supreme Court [Ars Technica]

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