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March 2013

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  1. Metadata and Copyright [Library Journal]
  2. Build a School in the Cloud [TED]
  3. Piracy Alert System Raises Concerns About Fair Use, Misidentification [All Things Considered]
  4. As tablets boom, e-readers feel the blast [CNN]
  5. Keith Gessen, Nathaniel Rich: I’m sorry I trashed your novels [Salon]
  6. New Center for Open Science Designed to Increase Research Transparency, Provide Free Technologies for Scientists [UVA Today]
  7. The Real Reason Journal Articles Should Be Free [Slashdot]
  8. Of cats and manuscripts [The Appendix]
  9. Libraries, Hackspaces and E-waste: how libraries can be the hub of a young maker revolution [Raincoast Books]
  10. The Art of Browsing [The New Yorker]
  11. New ‘Subway Libraries’ Encourages Commuters To Read On-The-Go [DesignTAXI]
  12. Why We Miss the First Sale Doctrine in Digital Libraries [Library Journal]
  13. In the Digital Era, Our Dictionaries Read Us [The Chronicle of Higher Education]
  14. 3D Printing [On the Media]
  15. Google Reader Shutdown a Sobering Reminder That 'Our' Technology Isn't Ours [Forbes]
  16. Amartya Sen, academicians express solidarity with students; rebut publishers' claim on photocopy issue [The Times of India]
  17. Why E-lit Matters [HuffPost]
  18. Man forbidden from “all libraries on the face of the earth” [The Journal Times]
  19. Forget the Cellphone Fight — We Should Be Allowed to Unlock Everything We Own [Wired]
  20. High Court Rules in Favor of Book Reseller [The Wall Street Journal]
  21. What do Librarians Need to Know About MOOCs? [D-Lib Magazine]
  22. Privacy was good while it lasted [CNN]
  23. Books aren’t dead yet [Salon]
  24. Judge: Aggregator of AP news can't have free ride [US News and World Report]
  25. Oxford librarian sacked over Harlem Shake at St Hilda's College [The Telegraph]
  26. Libraries stuck in digital divide [The Durango Herald]
  27. Don't Let the Dream of Open Access Journals Die [The Atlantic]
  28. Games and Violence: Games, Gamers & Gaming [Library Journal]
  29. Why ebooks are a different genre from print [Guardian]
  30. Maria Konnikova: Sherlock Holmes Could Have Invented Google [Big Think]
  31. Entire library journal editorial board resigns, citing 'crisis of conscience' after death of Aaron Swartz [The Verge]

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