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September 2012

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  1. Gimme the Loot [Jacobin]
  2. Attention Is the New Currency [Library Journal]
  3. How Plagiarism Made America [The Huffington Post]
  4. 2016 Mindset List [Beloit College]
  5. With 'Access Codes,' Textbook Pricing Gets More Complicated Than Ever [The Chronicle of Higher Education]
  6. Ex-Sealís Bin Laden Book Discloses Secrets, Pentagon Says [Businessweek]
  7. How 3D Printing Is Inflaming The Gun Control Debate [ReadWriteWeb]
  8. DOJ, please don't let up on Apple, book publishers [CNET News]
  9. The Bookworms of China [The New York Times]
  10. The Cruel Paradox of Self-Publishing [The Atlantic]
  11. Wikipedia Irks Philip Roth With Reluctance To Edit Entry About His Novel [NPR]
  12. Gwinnett library system to offer books in a vending machine [Gwinnett Daily Post]
  13. L.A. to consider multi-use library cards for illegal immigrants [Los Angeles Times]
  14. Superman, Grab a Book [The New York Times]
  15. NY Library To Adopt Ad-Supported Toilet Paper [Library Journal]
  16. Libraries and the Demographic Shift [The Huffington Post]
  17. Who's buying teen books? Lots and lots of adults [The Christian Science Monitor]
  18. No easy outs for YouTube in Islam video controversy [CNET News]
  19. Soon youíll be able to go to CVS and print a book [paidContent]
  20. Supporters rally against Georgia Archives closure [The Atlanta Journal-Constitution]
  21. The New MakerBot Replicator Might Just Change Your World [Wired]
  22. History, As Recorded on Twitter, Is Vanishing From The Web, Say Computer Scientists [Technology Review]
  23. Media Chiefs Form Venture to E-Publish [The New York Times]
  24. Your brain loves Jane Austen [Salon]
  25. The Honor System [Esquire]
  26. Want to Change Academic Publishing? Just Say No [The Chronicle of Higher Education]
  27. Is the Internet Really Making Us Dumber? [Der Spiegel]
  28. How to Make a Book Disappear [The Atlantic]
  29. Librarian Patience Has Run out on E-Book Lending Issues, Library Association Says [Digital Book World]
  30. UK government looks at ways to put ebooks in libraries [BBC News]

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