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July 2012

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  1. Google Goes To Battle With Apple For Your Music, Movies, And Books - Whose Side Are You On? [Fast Company]
  2. Your E-Book Is Reading You [The Wall Street Journal]
  3. Class Action Set in Endless Google Books Case [AE Monthly]
  4. In war, some facts less factual [The Christian Science Monitor]
  5. Japanese Anesthesiologist Completely Faked 172 Papers [Popular Science]
  6. Take a book, leave a book at a Little Free Library [Bay View Compass]
  7. Letting Go of Boolean Operators: Rethinking How Research Is Taught in Schools [ALA TechSource]
  8. Def Leppard Recording 'Forgeries' of Old Hits To Spite Label [Billboard]
  9. Hotel replaces printed Bibles with Kindles [CNN]
  10. Louisana eliminates state funding for libraries [The Christian Science Monitor]
  11. Abandoned Walmart Transformed Into A Functioning Library [PSFK]
  12. The Book-Burning Campaign That Saved a Public Library [The Atlantic Cities]
  13. Reforming Copyright Is Possible [The Chronicle of Higher Education]
  14. Ebook Strategy and Public Libraries: Slow Just Won’t Work Anymore [Library Journal]
  15. Is the Web Driving Us Mad? [Newsweek]
  16. Jane McGonigal: The game that can give you 10 extra years of life [TED]
  17. At Libraries, Quiet Makes a Comeback [The Chronicle of Higher Education]
  18. The French Still Flock to Bookstores [The New York Times]
  19. Free access to British scientific research within two years [The Guardian]
  20. How Google is becoming an extension of your mind [CNET]
  21. Michigan Court of Appeals to consider legal challenge to Lansing library weapons ban [Michigan Radio]
  22. Is Wikipedia more reliable than the Encyclopaedia Britannica? [The Straight Dope]
  23. Oprah's Book Club 2.0 goes digital [USA Today]
  24. Penn State’s Rodney Erickson says Joe Paterno Library won’t change [The Boston Herald]
  25. Libraries' experts on call: A dwindling breed [The Philadelphia Inquirer]
  26. David Hicks to keep all profits from tell-all Guantanamo book [The Sydney Morning Herald]
  27. A new chapter for Beijing's libraries [China Daily]
  28. Therapy Dog Helps Children Learn [NBC]
  29. The World's Nicest Cease-And-Desist Letter Ever Goes Viral, Sells Books [Forbes]
  30. Brought to book [The Economist]
  31. How Fair Use Can Help Solve the Orphan Works Problem [Berkeley Technology Law Journal]

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