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April 2012

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  1. Dog Lending Coming to Harvard Library [The Daily Crimson]
  2. The Decline and Fall of the Library Empire [Searcher]
  3. Birth of a Book [Glen Milner]
  4. Scholarship, Liberated From Paper at Last [The Chronicle of Higher Education]
  5. Hungarian president resigns in plagiarism scandal [The Atlanta Journal-Constitution]
  6. Libraries in schools keeping up with times [The Boston Globe]
  7. You Autocomplete Me [Slate]
  8. Are Privatized Public Libraries So Bad? [The Atlantic Cities]
  9. US archives website overload with interest in 1940 census [The Telegraph]
  10. E-books spur reading among Americans, survey shows [CNN]
  11. Think Like A Startup: a white paper to inspire library entrepreneurialism [Brian Mathews]
  12. Apple's Steve Jobs conspired on e-book price-fixing, lawsuits say [Los Angeles Times]
  13. Disgruntled library patron ready for court [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]
  14. Timbuktu librarians protect manuscripts from rebels [Reuters]
  15. Oxford University, Vatican libraries to digitize works [Reuters]
  16. Police salvage blind Trish Vickers' inkless novel pages [Bridport News]
  17. Next Issue launches "Netflix for magazines" [CBS News]
  18. High court steps into key online copyright case [The Salt Lake Tribune]
  19. Web freedom faces greatest threat ever, warns Google's Sergey Brin [The Guardian]
  20. Yale University Card Catalog [Ellen Su]
  21. Has Kindle Killed the Book Cover? [The Atlantic]
  22. Trust pushes for open access to research [BBC News]
  23. Amazon's knock-off problem (35 Shades of Grey, anyone?) [Fortune]
  24. Sacking a Palace of Culture [The New York Times]
  25. U of M opens up to open source textbooks [Minnesota Public Radio]
  26. Resolved: Libraries are Obsolete [Harvard University]
  27. If Harvard Canít Afford Academic Journal Subscriptions, Maybe Itís Time for an Open Access Model [Time]
  28. At 92, a Bandit to Hollywood but a Hero to Soldiers [The New York Times]
  29. Hitler Back in Print [Der Spiegel]
  30. Book Reviews: A Tortured History [The Atlantic]

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