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May 2009

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  1. Google stands by book search deal [BBC News]
  2. The Cell Phone Police [Library Journal]
  3. Survival of the fittest tag: Folksonomies, findability, and the evolution of information organization [First Monday]
  4. Twitter for Libraries (and Librarians) [Computers in Libraries]
  5. Looking to Big-Screen E-Readers to Help Save the Daily Press [The New York Times]
  6. 'Wolverine': Experts Weigh In On Effects Of Leak [MTV]
  7. Elsevier admits journal error [The Financial Times]
  8. Big Media, R.I.P. [Newsweek]
  9. The Next Age of Discovery [The Wall Street Journal]
  10. Backyard scientists use Web to catalog species, aid research [CNN]
  11. Digging for treasure at book sales - electronically [Star Tribune]
  12. New Search Tool Aims at Answering Tough Queries, but Not at Taking on Google [The New York Times]
  13. Print Books Are Target of Pirates on the Web [The New York Times]
  14. Senate approves software as an alternative to textbooks [Los Angeles Times]
  15. Amazon Announces the Kindle DX—Third-Generation Ebook Reader [Information Today]
  16. When love is harder to show than hate [Guardian]
  17. Bootlegging Dickens: Author Looks At 'Bookaneers' [All Things Considered]
  18. Amazon Launches Publishing Program [Publishers Weekly]
  19. Why E-Books Look So Ugly [Wired]
  20. Cornell Library Lifts Restrictions on Public Domain Works [Library Journal]
  21. Scribd launches online book market [Financial Times]
  22. Some Thoughts on the Lost Art of Reading Aloud [The New York Times]
  23. UMich Gets Better Deal in Google’s Library of the Future Project [Wired]
  24. Some Say Digital Age Limiting OSU Libraries []
  25. © 2009? Wishful Thinking, Perhaps, as Backlog Mounts [The Washington Post]
  26. Suspended jail sentence for Mein Kampf publisher [Guardian]
  27. Books Born Digital [Library Journal]
  28. Book industry contemplates the future [Star-Ledger]
  29. Don’t Quit That Kindle Just Yet [The New York Times]
  30. U.S. Manga Obscenity Conviction Roils Comics World [Wired]
  31. Why Games? [Library Journal]

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