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March 2009

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  1. Newspapers' Woes Worsening [CBS News]
  2. Amazon caves to Authors Guild over Kindle's text-to-speech reading [Guardian]
  3. Seriously, Play! [Info Career Trends]
  4. In Search Of Answers, Teachers Turn To Clickers [All Things Considered]
  5. A Google Search of a Distinctly Retro Kind [The New York Times]
  6. German archive building collapses [BBC News]
  7. Living Large in Lean Times [Searcher]
  8. First look at new 'green' library [BBC News]
  9. Librarians fight to get children's books exempted from new lead rules [Star Telegram]
  10. Progress [Penny Arcade]
  11. Better Safe Than Sorry: Does Your Library Have an Online Acceptable-use Policy? [School Library Journal]
  12. Amazon launches Kindle application for the iPhone [The Washington Post]
  13. ‘Bibliocausts' through the ages [Globe and Mail]
  14. Hitting the Comic Books [The Harvard Crimson]
  15. Web Tech Guy and Angry Staff Person [IMLS WebWise Conference]
  16. What I Wish Everyone Knew About Librarians [Smart Poodle]
  17. Newspapers' troubles escalate in recession [The Christian Science Monitor]
  18. British Library mislays 9,000 books [The Guardian]
  20. Library horror story [The Daily News]
  21. Privacy activist asks FTC to halt Google apps [CNET News]
  22. Music Education Can Help Children Improve Reading Skills [ScienceDaily]
  23. Computer charges upset library users [The Courier]
  24. Kindle e-reader: A Trojan horse for free thought [The Christian Science Monitor]
  25. Are we dangerously dependent on Wikipedia? [Salon]
  26. In a First, Oregon State University Library Faculty Adopts Strong OA Policy [Library Journal]
  27. Libraries stressed, yet needed more than ever [The Denver Post]
  28. It Has Computers, Gives Advice and Is Free [The New York Times]
  29. The Facebook Generation vs. the Fortune 500 [The Wall Street Journal]
  30. Publishers Face Pressure From Libraries to Freeze Prices and Cut Deals [The Chronicle of Higher Education]
  31. The degradation of knowledge [Arizona Daily Wildcat]

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